246 clues
Gum ___
Lab gel
Red alga
___ jelly
Lab agent
Lab jelly
Temple ex
Lab media
Actor John
Germ jelly
Jelly type
Lab medium
Culture gel
Gelatin kin
Seaweed gel
Culture goo
Type of gel
Bio lab gel
Lab gelatin
Mold medium
Lab culture
Culture need
Culture site
Jelly medium
Kelp product
Lab material
Kanten, e.g.
Gel in a lab
Culture base
Cultural aid?
Gelose source
Algae extract
Algae product
Growth medium
Jelling agent
Lab substance
Food additive
Gelling agent
Gelation agent
Petri dish gel
Bio lab medium
Half a medium?
Temple's first
Petri dish goo
Lab gel medium
Laboratory gel
Soup thickener
Food thickener
Edible seaweed
Seaweed product
A gelling agent
Ant-farm medium
Cultural milieu
Culture content
Culture medium.
Culture gelatin
Seaweed gelatin
Bio lab gelatin
Dessert gelatin
Biology lab gel
Lab culture gel
Food stabilizer
Jelly thickener
Jelly for germs
Seaweed extract
Chinese gelatin
Bacteriology gel
Bed for bacteria
Culture advancer
Japanese gelatin
Medium for germs
What E. coli eat
Biochemist's gel
Culture contents
Cultural medium?
Gelatinlike base
Petri-dish stuff
Source of gelose
Gel from seaweed
Petri dish layer
Bacteria's treat
Petri dish jelly
Jelly ingredient
Thickening agent
1/2 a seaweed gel
Lab growth medium
Med-tech's medium
Petri-dish filler
Solidifying agent
Agent for gelling
Culture developer
Emulsifying agent
Gelling substance
Petri-dish matter
Chinese isinglass
Laboratory medium
Petri dish medium
Miracle Mile" star
Frosting thickener
Japanese isinglass
Jellied food agent
Lab culture medium
Medium for Pasteur
Medium in bio labs
Petri dish content
Petri dish mixture
Seaweed extraction
Staph dining area?
Ice cream additive
Scientific culture
Seaweed substance.
Bacteria's culture
Biologist's medium
Food gelling agent
Biology lab supply
Gelatin substitute
Petri dish gelatin
Seaweed derivative
Pudding ingredient
Gelatinous material
It makes things gel
Preserves thickener
Gelatin alternative
Petri dish contents
Thickener quickener
Gel in a Petri dish
Petri dish material
Ice-cream thickener
Bacteria-growing gel
Gel for a petri dish
Gelatin from seaweed
Gelatinous substance
Guar gum alternative
Germs may grow in it
Late-show actor John
John of "Fort Apache
Microbiologist's gel
Petri dish substance
Ice cream ingredient
Bacteriologist's base
Stuff in a petri dish
Temple's first spouse
Gel made from seaweed
Food thickening agent
Derivative of seaweed.
Germs might grow in it
It's made from seaweed
Shirley Temple's first
Thickener for pastries
Culture medium gelatin
Edible seaweed product
Medium in a petri dish
Bacterial culture base
Temple's first husband
Bacteriologist's medium
Bacteriologist's supply
Cook's thickening agent
It's dished up in a lab
Microbiologist's medium
Product of red seaweeds
Chef's thickening agent
Petri-dish gel, perhaps
Gelatin in a petri dish
Bacteria culture medium
Fort Apache" actor, 1948
Asian dessert ingredient
Oriental soup ingredient
Vegan gelatin substitute
Thickening agent in food
Biology lab gel substance
He married Shirley Temple
It helps cultures develop
Journalist/writer Herbert
Lab gel made from seaweed
Microbiologist's material
Solution for a petri dish
Gelatin made from seaweed
Thickening agent in foods
Gelatinous seaweed product
Gelling agent from seaweed
It helps a culture advance
It helps a culture develop
John of "Sands of Iwo Jima
So-called "Chinese gelatin
Stabilizing kitchen supply
Ice cream thickening agent
Vegan's gelatin substitute
Clarifying agent in brewing
It's found in jellied foods
John who wed Shirley Temple
Substance made from seaweed
Where bacteria may flourish
Gelling agent in some foods
Thickener used in ice cream
Thickener made from seaweed
1934 Pulitzer author Herbert
1934 Pulitzer winner Herbert
1934 Pulitzer writer Herbert
Gelatinous ant farm material
The first Mr. Shirley Temple
Petri dish contents, perhaps
The People's Choice author
Vegetarian gelatin substitute
Gel in biology class, perhaps
Gelatinous dessert ingredient
Gelatin in some Asian desserts
He wrote "A Time for Greatness
Jelly used in bacteria culture
Petri dish contents, sometimes
Pulitzer Prize historian: 1934
Shirley Temple's first husband
Hotbed of cultural development?
John who married Shirley Temple
Pulitzer-winning author Herbert
Thickener in many food products
Gelatin-like product of seaweed.
Medium used to culture organisms
Actor John of "Sands of Iwo Jima
Actor who married Shirley Temple
Actor John who wed Shirley Temple
Gelatinous ingredient in desserts
Ingredient in many Asian desserts
Thickening ingredient in ice cream
Thickening agent used in ice cream
Seaweed extract used as a thickener
U. S. author now living in England.
Wayne's "Sands of Iwo Jima" co-star
Gelatin substitute made from seaweed
When repeated, it's Malay for "jelly
The People's Choice" historian Herbert
Jelly got from seaweeds, used in foods
Environment for multiplication, of sorts
John who co-starred in "Sands of Iwo Jima
Culture medium, and a music style backward
Actor John, once married to Shirley Temple
John who was once married to Shirley Temple
Gelatinous substance the Japanese call Kanten
Ingredient in the Japanese jellied dessert yokan
Herbert who won a Pulitzer for "The People's Choice
Algae extract used as a food thickening or gelling agent
When repeated, substance often used in molecular gastronomy
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