881 clues
A lily
__ lily
___ gel
Skin aid
--- vera
Lily kin
Burn aid
Burn balm
___ Blacc
Skin balm
Yucca kin
Balm base
Tub plant
Lily shrub
Salve base
Tonic herb
Burn plant
Plant balm
Tonic base
Balm plant
Lily's kin
Drug plant
Spiny plant
Agave plant
Bitter drug
Balm source
Burn healer
Healing gel
Juicy plant
Organic gel
Plant salve
Rash relief
Salve stuff
Tonic plant
Veld flower
Burn cooler
Burn relief
Lily plant.
A succulent
Health herb
Herbal balm
Salve plant
Drug source
Lotion base
Lotion lily
Yucca's kin
Burn remedy
Bitter herb
Desert plant
Lily variety
Natural balm
Burn soother
___ vera gel
An emollient
Barbados ___
Bitter juice
Dial variety
Fleshy flora
Fleshy plant
Lotion plant
Maguey's kin
Puzzle plant
Salve source
Singer Blacc
Soothing goo
Vera starter
Burn rubber?
Cosmetic gel
Fiber plant.
Itch soother
Bitter plant
Lotion extra
In-tray item
Soothing gel
Rash soother
Healing herb
Useful plant
Healing balm
Lily species
Kind of hemp
Skin soother
Skin softener
Pain reliever
It's a relief
Vera" lead-in
African lily.
Balm for skin
Balm provider
Burn ointment
Cosmetic base
Genus of lily
Medicinal sap
Nature's balm
Skin care gel
Soothing lily
Herbal healer
Lily's cousin
Medical plant
Skin smoother
Sunburn salve
Vera's leader
Balm additive
Lotion potion
Soothing herb
Wound soother
First-aid gel
Healing salve
Herbal do-all
Lotion add-in
Natural salve
African shrub
Lily relative
Vera's intro?
Burn reliever
It's soothing
Soothing balm
Soap additive
African plant
Healing plant
Medicinal herb
Tropical plant
Soothing agent
Healing helper
Cream additive
Natural healer
Burn treatment
African healer
Century plant.
Cream enhancer
Eczema treater
Eczema soother
First aid balm
Floral soother
Hothouse plant
Lip balm stuff
Medicinal balm
Orcinol source
Puffs additive
Salve additive
Skin care item
Sunburn cooler
Vera's partner
Yucca's cousin
__ vera lotion
___ vera juice
Lily of Africa
Shampoo add-in
Soothing juice
Sunburn relief
Vera's lead-in
Yucca relative
African flower
Medicinal lily
Lilylike plant
Cosmetic plant
Sunburn remedy
Soothing salve
Botanical balm
Soothing stuff
Soothing plant
Medicinal plant
First-aid plant
Natural soother
Soap ingredient
Lotion additive
Aveeno additive
Barbados export
Burn alleviator
First-aid salve
Gel from a leaf
Hand-cream herb
Juice bar juice
Lily palliative
Medicinal juice
Minor burn balm
Ointment source
Plant for balms
Salve component
Salve substance
Spiky succulent
Vera the healer
Hand cream plus
Organic soother
Plant, ... vera
Sunscreen stuff
Tissue addition
Balm for a burn
Emollient plant
Succulent genus
First-aid flora
Perennial plant
S. African lily
Beauty bar balm
Gel for sunburn
Lotion addition
Spiny succulent
Tropical flower
Lily's relative
Soothing lotion
Tissue softener
Medicinal shrub
Tissue additive
Balm ingredient
Herbaceous plant
Liliaceous plant
Cream ingredient
Emollient source
Skin-care staple
Antiseptic plant
Balm base, often
Balm in a bottle
Bandage additive
Bug bite soother
Cosmetics add-in
Eczema treatment
Edible succulent
Fleshy succulent
Kleenex additive
Lily from Africa
Lotion substance
Plant for a burn
Potted succulent
S. African plant
Skin cream stuff
Skin moisturizer
Skin-healing aid
Stuff in lotions
Succulent healer
Succulent plant.
Sun-loving plant
Ubiquitous plant
Windowsill plant
Plant that heals
Bubble bath balm
Burn application
Rash application
Cactuslike plant
Soothing extract
Sunburn reliever
Palliative plant
Salve ingredient
Shampoo additive
Spiny houseplant
Lotion ingredient
It's in cosmetics
    Spiky plant
Asphodel's cousin
Bath oil additive
Body gel additive
Burn-soothing gel
Frostbite soother
Herbaceous healer
Hyacinth relative
Lily family plant
Lily family shrub
Maguey's relative
Natural treatment
Plant with spikes
Popular plant gel
Popular tub plant
Potted ornamental
Psoriasis treater
Salve for sunburn
Shower gel add-in
Skin lotion plant
Skin lotion stuff
Sunburn treatment
Botanical soother
Bath gel additive
Certain succulent
Emollient extract
Frostbite treater
Healing substance
Latex-glove extra
Psoriasis soother
Soothing emolient
Spiny sill sitter
Healing succulent
Hyacinth's cousin
Natural skin balm
Emollient yielder
Popular succulent
Hand-gel additive
Very useful plant
Wound application
Sunblock additive
Popular emollient
Soothing additive
Ointment additive
Therapeutic plant
African succulent
Common houseplant
Lip balm additive
Cosmetic additive
Natural emollient
Soothing ointment
Incense ingredient
Lily family member
Cosmetics additive
Amaryllis relative
Amaryllis's cousin
Body wash additive
Burn-healing plant
Cousin of an agave
Cousin of gasteria
Dried bitter juice
Fragrant heartwood
Garbage can locale
Health-store juice
Lip gloss additive
Ointment component
Plant that soothes
Poison ivy soother
Rock garden grower
Sanitizer additive
Sunblock emollient
The medicine plant
Tissue moisturizer
Wet-wipes additive
African lily plant
Baby wipe additive
Hand soap additive
Psoriasis reliever
Soothing plant gel
The Body Shop balm
Balm for your skin
Healing houseplant
Something soothing
Gel-yielding plant
Yucca plant cousin
Spiny-leafed plant
Cosmetic emollient
Skin care additive
Popular houseplant
Soothing botanical
Shampoo ingredient
Soothing substance
Sunscreen additive
Soothing succulent
Sunblock ingredient
Natural moisturizer
Medicinal succulent
Cold cream additive
Aspercreme additive
Beauty bar additive
Botanical emollient
Body scrub additive
Botanical succulent
Burn soothing plant
Face-cream additive
Lanolin alternative
Natural balm source
Option for the rash
Some Softsoap stuff
South African plant
South African lily.
Spiny African plant
Staple of skin care
Succulent for salve
Useful African lily
Baby-wipes additive
Fleshy-leafed plant
Lip-balm ingredient
Skin care substance
Skin gel ingredient
Skin-soothing plant
Soothing ingredient
Succulent perennial
Bath gel ingredient
Fleshy-leaved plant
Hand-cream enhancer
Perennial succulent
Relative of a yucca
Water-storing plant
Balm-yielding plant
Gel-producing plant
Skin-soothing stuff
Succulent emollient
Sun lotion additive
Aftershave additive
Hand-cream additive
Shower-gel additive
Flowering succulent
Natural burn remedy
Cosmetic ingredient
Skin-cream additive
Drug-yielding plant
Ointment ingredient
Sunscreen ingredient
Moisturizer additive
Cosmetics ingredient
__ vera (gel source)
After-shave additive
Amaryllis's relative
Antioxidant-rich gel
Body lotion additive
Body wash ingredient
Burn balm ingredient
Face-saver of a kind
Fleshy healing plant
Ingredient in lotion
Irish Spring variety
Kind of hemp or lace
Latex-glove additive
Lubricant ingredient
Medicinal gel source
Plant of lily family
Plant used on wounds
Pleasing application
R&B artist ___ Blacc
Shaving cream add-in
Skin cream component
Skin cream succulent
Sun-loving succulent
Sunburn gel additive
The Potted Physician
Tonic-yielding plant
Wet wipes ingredient
Witch-hazel enhancer
Conditioner additive
Cosmetics oil source
Inflammation reducer
Lily family relative
Mother Nature's balm
Nature's burn remedy
Relative of a maguey
Relative of an onion
Shave cream additive
Soap additive, often
South African export
Sunburn-soothing gel
Useful African plant
Bubble-bath additive
Fiber-yielding shrub
Skin care ingredient
Skin lotion additive
Hand lotion additive
Botanical burn salve
Medicinal houseplant
Beauty bar botanical
Fiber-yielding plant
Shaving gel additive
Emollient ingredient
Natural skin soother
Lotion base, perhaps
Natural burn soother
Succulent houseplant
Soothing application
Skin cream ingredient
Aftershave ingredient
Botanical balm source
Botanical burn remedy
Certain century plant
Facial cream addition
Gel ingredient, maybe
Gel from plant leaves
Home remedy succulent
Latex-producing plant
Natural healing plant
Natural soothing balm
Plant akin to tequila
Plant yielding a balm
Relative of the above
Relative of the yucca
Succulent plant genus
Trendy beverage plant
Trendy juice additive
Antiseptic gel source
Diaper cream additive
Face cream ingredient
Gel used in cosmetics
Healing gel, ... vera
Natural pain reliever
Shaving-cream soother
Spiky plant, ... vera
Spiny medicinal plant
Balmy Barbados export
Cold cream ingredient
Plant used in lotions
Shower-gel ingredient
Moisturizing additive
Ingredient in lotions
Spiny succulent plant
Beauty-cream additive
Hand cream ingredient
Skin lotion ingredient
__ vera (natural balm)
___ Blacc (R&B singer)
Additive to some soaps
Bitter, resinous juice
Burn remedy ingredient
Burn-soothing ointment
Common lotion additive
It can be a face-saver
Lily's soothing cousin
Medicinal latex source
Natural salve additive
Palliation application
Plant yielding a drug.
Shaving gel ingredient
Shaving-cream additive
Skin-soothing additive
Soothing African plant
Soother in skin lotion
Soothing soap additive
Succulent skin soother
Sunburn gel ingredient
Sunburn-soothing smear
This improves dry skin
__ vera (skin soother)
Balm ingredient, often
Healing cream additive
Moisturizer in tissues
Natural skin treatment
Organic makeup remover
Something that soothes
Conditioner ingredient
Facial-tissue additive
Plant used medicinally
It's good for the skin
Tree ___ (quiver tree)
Body lotion ingredient
Hand-lotion ingredient
Substance in skin care
Sunburn spray additive
Bubble bath ingredient
Soothing plant extract
Moisturizer ingredient
___ vera (lotion plant)
Ancient wound treatment
Botanical in some balms
Burn-soothing botanical
Burn-soothing substance
Burn-soothing succulent
Cosmetically used plant
Cosmetics gel, ... vera
Exotic juice ingredient
Fleshy-leaved succulent
Healing succulent plant
Hydrocortisone additive
Ingredient in some gels
Ingredient in some soap
Irish Spring ingredient
It's spiky yet soothing
Natural lotion additive
Natural sunburn soother
Ornamental potted plant
Plant in a Fugard title
Plant in many cosmetics
Plant used cosmetically
Plant with soothing gel
Shaving lotion additive
Skin irritation soother
Skin-soothing plant gel
Skin-soothing botanical
Soother in saline wipes
Soothing skin treatment
Stuff in many cosmetics
Succulent African plant
Ubiquitous puzzle plant
Water-storing succulent
Anti-inflammatory agent
Burn soother ingredient
Burn-soothing plant gel
Common shampoo additive
Easy-to-grow houseplant
Facial tissues additive
Natural burn medication
Plant gel used on burns
Plant with spiny leaves
South African succulent
Coating on some tissues
It might save your skin
It's gentle on the skin
Gel-producing succulent
Hand sanitizer additive
Moisturizing ingredient
Soothing gel ingredient
Source of a bitter drug
Diaper cream ingredient
Plant used in cosmetics
Plant of the lily family
Soothing lotion additive
___ Blacc "Shine Through
_____ hemp (fiber plant)
Cape ___ (prickly plant)
Emollient in beauty bars
Emollient plant additive
Emollient yielding plant
Plant in the lily family
Plant with skin benefits
Plant with versatile gel
Plant-based skin soother
Puzzler's favorite plant
Shrub of the lily family
Skin product enhancement
Soothing succulent plant
Soothing tissue additive
Source of a skin soother
Source of some medicines
Sunburn cream ingredient
Sunburn victim's soother
Suntan lotion ingredient
Additive in some tissues
Natural shampoo additive
Plant used for first aid
Plant with healing juice
Skin softener ingredient
Tissue additive, perhaps
Ingredient in hand cream
Natural skin moisturizer
Balm ingredient, perhaps
Ingredient in some soaps
Lotion ingredient, often
Plant with fleshy leaves
Ubiquitous lily relative
Shaving-cream ingredient
Skin-soothing ingredient
Additive to some tissues
Additive in skin lotions
Common lotion ingredient
__ vera (natural soother)
... that may contain this
Additive in some shampoos
Common cosmetics additive
Common sunscreen additive
Emollient in some tissues
Ingredient in bubble bath
Medicinal household plant
Natural balm in ointments
Natural lip-balm additive
Plant native to S. Africa
Plant with a soothing gel
Soothing stuff for a burn
Spiny, soothing succulent
Sun-tan lotion ingredient
Treatment for minor burns
Herbal medicine succulent
Mother Nature's burn balm
Plant used to treat burns
Shampoo additive, perhaps
Shampoo ingredient, often
Succulent medicinal plant
Member of the lily family
Cosmetics additive, often
___ vera (first aid plant)
Common cosmetic ingredient
Common skincare ingredient
Extract in some baby wipes
Frequent lotion ingredient
Golden ___ (century plant)
Moisturizing soap additive
Plant with therapeutic sap
Relief provider for a burn
Shrub with tubular flowers
Skin cream additive, often
Sunblock lotion ingredient
What may come as a relief?
___ vera (sunburn soother)
Cosmetic ingredient, often
Plant having fleshy leaves
Plant with tubular flowers
Tissue additive, sometimes
Trendy smoothie ingredient
___ vera (succulent plant)
Ingredient in some lotions
Lotion ingredient, perhaps
Sunburn-soothing substance
Ingredient in many lotions
Ubiquitous medicinal plant
___ vera (medicinal plant)
Soothing lotion ingredient
Medicinal lily from Africa
___ vera (skin conditioner)
Common skin-care ingredient
Hand moisturizer ingredient
Medicinal plant from Africa
Oil source for moisturizers
Plant having a bitter juice
Salvation for the sunburned
Venerable topical treatment
Cosmetics additive, perhaps
Healthy smoothie ingredient
Skin moisturizer ingredient
Soothing stuff for the skin
Common cosmetics ingredient
Ingredient in some shampoos
Shampoo ingredient, perhaps
Insect repellent ingredient
___ vera (natural emollient)
Burn remedy from a succulent
Common ingredient in lotions
Common skin cream ingredient
Food preservative ingredient
Ingredient in many cosmetics
Ingredient in some hand gels
It's used for treating burns
Need after desert music fest
Plant aka the Wand of Heaven
Plant used in treating burns
Plant with medicinal effects
Skin-care product ingredient
Soothing lip balm ingredient
Soothing ointment ingredient
Soothing skin cream additive
Succulent for soothing burns
Succulent plant of dry areas
Succulent with soothing pulp
Ubiquitous lotion ingredient
American ___ (century plant)
Hand-cream ingredient, often
Ingredient in some lip balms
Lotion ingredient, sometimes
Ingredient in facial tissues
Popular cosmetics ingredient
Shower gel ingredient, often
Lotion or shampoo ingredient
Skin cream ingredient, often
___ vera (lotion ingredient)
Skin cream additive, perhaps
Ingredient in some bar soaps
Body lotion ingredient, maybe
Botanical in some beauty bars
Houseplant with fleshy leaves
Ingredient in Aveeno products
Its leaves are used in a drug
Medicine in some toilet paper
Natural balm found in lotions
Natural hand cream ingredient
Natural skin cream ingredient
Plant with spiny-edged leaves
Plant-based lotion ingredient
Soothing moisturizer additive
Substance in many hand creams
Succulent in trendy beverages
Succulent, spiny-leaved plant
Sunburn remedy in the tropics
Sunscreen ingredient, perhaps
___ vera (soothing substance)
Ingredient in some hand soaps
Succulent, spiny-leafed plant
Moisturizer ingredient, often
Lift Your Spirit" singer Blacc
American ___ (Southwest plant)
Ingredient in drinks and drugs
Ingredient in some shower gels
Plant used for sun-tan lotions
Plant with lance-shaped leaves
Plant with medicinal qualities
Skin-cream ingredient, perhaps
Soothing ingredient in lotions
Soothing shower gel ingredient
Source of trendy health juices
Succulent in a Korean beverage
Succulent plant added to balms
___ vera gel (sunburn soother)
Cosmetics ingredient, ... vera
Soothing skin cream ingredient
Succulent in some moisturizers
Popular moisturizer ingredient
Shower gel ingredient, perhaps
___ vera (medicinal houseplant)
Barbados ___ (ornamental plant)
Chunky white bit in some fro-yo
Facial tissue additive, perhaps
Ingredient in skin lotion, etc.
Ingredient in some moisturizers
Palliative from the lily family
Plant gel that soothes sunburns
Plant with medicinal properties
Shaving-cream additive, perhaps
Skin-cream component, sometimes
Soothing bubble bath ingredient
Soothing hand lotion ingredient
Soothing ingredient in lip balm
Soothing skin lotion ingredient
The so-called "potted physician
Tropical plant used on sunburns
Hand lotion ingredient, perhaps
Plant with thick, fleshy leaves
Ubiquitous cosmetics ingredient
__ vera (skin cream ingredient)
Moisturizer ingredient, perhaps
Suntan lotion ingredient, often
Plant used in body care products
Plant with thick, toothed leaves
Soothing hand sanitizer additive
Succulent plant (may be bitter!)
African shrub in the lily family
Natural ingredient in skin cream
Shower gel ingredient, sometimes
Health-food-store phone greeting?
Ingredient in some shaving creams
Ingredient in some suntan lotions
Shaving-cream ingredient, perhaps
Skin lotion ingredient, sometimes
Soothing ingredient in hand cream
Soothing ingredient in face cream
Soothing shaving cream ingredient
Shaving-cream additive, sometimes
___ vera (skin-soothing substance)
Ingredient in some hand sanitizers
Ingredient in traditional medicine
Natural additive in hand sanitizer
Natural heartburn remedy, some say
Natural ingredient in many lotions
Natural ingredient in moisturizers
Plant that's bad for dogs and cats
Soothing substance in some lotions
Soothing substance on some tissues
Succulent plant used in toiletries
Succulent used as a burn treatment
Plant called "the potted physician
___ vera (common lotion ingredient)
Botanical skin treatment ingredient
Natural additive in some sunscreens
Plant used in remedies for dry skin
Something bitter to make one better
Soothing additive for shaving cream
Soothing ingredient in hand lotions
Succulent plant with toothed leaves
Barbados ___ (greenhouse ornamental)
Cleopatra used it as a beauty lotion
Natural gel with soothing properties
Soothing ingredient in shaving cream
Soothing ingredient used on sunburns
Succulent used in skin care products
Succulent containing a medicinal gel
___ vera (soothing lotion ingredient)
Ingredient in Burt's Bees Body Lotion
Ingredient in many skin care products
Ingredient in some diaper rash creams
Succulent plant used as a burn remedy
Additive to shampoo and shaving cream
African plant used in many skin creams
Ingredient in many healthcare products
Moisturizing hand sanitizer ingredient
Soothing stuff to slather on a sunburn
Moisturizer additive in hand sanitizers
Soothing plant-based stuff for the skin
Soothing succulent used in hand lotions
Succulent plant used in beauty supplies
___ vera (plant with healing properties)
African plant used in many skin products
Natural balm used as a sunburn treatment
Plant-based ingredient in skin ointments
Succulent known as "the potted physician
Succulent, spiny-leafed, medicinal plant
Plant extract in some dietary supplements
Succulent once used to treat tuberculosis
Of olive, ___, and maize . . . ": Tennyson
Succulent in some trendy bottled beverages
Ingredient in some varieties of Irish Spring
Plant whose flowers resemble the Easter lily
Soothing ingredient in some sunburn remedies
Spiky plant with healing qualities, ... vera
Its juice is sometimes used to treat heartburn
Soothing plant that's a common lotion ingredient
Ingredient in Coppertone Tanning Sunscreen Lotion
Natural moisturizer found in some Kleenex tissues
___ Blacc (R&B singer with the 2014 hit "The Man")
It's used to treat burns, both literal and metaphoric
Moisturizer additive that comes from a tropical plant
Natural additive in an Irish Spring Body Wash variety
Natural ingredient in Kleenex Soothing Lotion tissues
Salve used when you've gone overboard with sunbathing
Moisturizing plant used in some Herbal Essences shampoos
What a Muslim, returning from Mecca, hangs above the door
It hangs above the door of someone who has completed a hajj
Singer ___ Blacc who had a top-10 hit in 2014 with "The Man
Singer ___ Blacc, who hit #4 with the 2014 album "Lift Your Spirit
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