190 clues
GE rival
Oven make
Iowa group
Oven brand
Oven maker
Range name
Dryer maker
Fridge name
Home cooker
Dryer brand
Range brand
Range maker
Dryer option
Fridge maker
Oven handle?
Viking rival
Washer maker
Maytag rival
Range option
Iowa commune
Maytag brand
Freezer maker
Freezer brand
GE competitor
Kitchen brand
GE alternative
Stove supplier
Hotpoint rival
Iowa community
Appliance giant
Commune in Iowa
Range from Iowa
Whirlpool rival
Name on a range
Microwave maker
Whirlpool brand
Microwave brand
Appliance maker
Radarange maker
Appliance brand
Bosch competitor
Brand on a range
Iowa cooperative
Kelvinator rival
Maker of fridges
Range hood brand
Dishwasher brand
Major oven maker
Name on a fridge
Microwave option
Frigidaire rival
Spillsaver" brand
Fridge brand name
Maytag competitor
Microwave handle?
Refrigerator name
Maytag subsidiary
Palindrome opener
___ Church Society
Iowa's __ Colonies
Microwave inventor
Name on microwaves
Washer/dryer brand
Brand of microwave
Dishwasher handle?
Name on the range?
Name in appliances
Big appliance name
Big name in ranges
Refrigerator brand
Westinghouse rival
Kenmore competitor
Maytag alternative
Laundry room brand
___ Society of Iowa
Big appliance brand
Big name in washers
Brand of dishwasher
Iowa's ____ Society
Kitchen range brand
Maytag sister brand
Iowa religious sect
Big appliance maker
Iowa church society
Hotpoint competitor
Appliance brand name
Freezer manufacturer
Hotpoint alternative
Iowan church society
Major maker of ovens
Midwest commune site
Refrigerator handle?
Whirlpool competitor
Whirlpool subsidiary
Alternative to Maytag
Appliance appellation
Give ___ horse . . .
Kitchenaid competitor
Frigidaire competitor
Whirlpool alternative
___ Society, Iowa sect
Church commune in Iowa
Church society of Iowa
Frigidaire alternative
Iowa religious commune
Utopian colony in Iowa
Village near Iowa City
Appliance manufacturer
Church society in Iowa
KitchenAid alternative
Radarange manufacturer
Big name on the range?
Whirlpool sister brand
Big name in appliances
Washer and dryer maker
Big brand in appliances
Brand of microwave oven
Communal colony in Iowa
Former name in freezers
Kitchen-appliance brand
Name on many appliances
Popular appliance maker
Religious group in Iowa
Westinghouse competitor
Big name in the kitchen
Subsidiary of Whirlpool
___ plan, a canal . . .
It has a range of ranges
Kitchen appliance choice
Longtime microwave brand
Westinghouse alternative
Brand owned by Whirlpool
___ plan, a canal, Panama
Appliance company in Iowa
Big name in refrigerators
Brand name in the kitchen
Church Society since 1714
Prosperous church society
Refrigerator manufacturer
Religious society of Iowa
Give ___ horse he can ride
Early microwave oven brand
Kitchen appliance producer
Village SW of Cedar Rapids
2006 Whirlpool acquisition
Appliance maker since 1934
Maytag acquisition of 2001
Religious community in Iowa
Big kitchen appliance maker
What some ranges are called
Big name in home appliances
Brand of kitchen appliances
Start of a famous palindrome
Life. Simplified." sloganeer
Brand with a range of ranges
Religious settlement in Iowa
Whirlpool acquisition of 2006
Dryer brand owned by Whirlpool
Famous town SW of Cedar Rapids
Its website has a range finder
Big name in kitchen appliances
Big name in household appliances
Company named after its hometown
Appliance company founded in Iowa
Maker of Easy Reach refrigerators
Appliance alternative to Whirlpool
Brand name in household appliances
Company acquired by Maytag in 2001
Appliance brand owned by Whirlpool
Company that produced the Radarange
Appliance company owned by Whirlpool
Brand named after some Iowa villages
Appliance brand now part of Whirlpool
Its website has an Appliance 101 page
Appliance maker once owned by Raytheon
Maker of the first curved-front fridge
Pietist community founded in the 1850s
Big name in the kitchen or laundry room
Maker of the first countertop microwave
Appliance brand alternative to Whirlpool
Appliance company now owned by Whirlpool
Refrigerator brand featuring Temp-Assure
Appliance brand named for an Iowa colony
Built better than it has to be" sloganeer
___ Colonies, started in Iowa in the 1850s
Appliance brand with the tagline "Just Right
Introducer of the first side-by-side refrigerator
Noted brand once owned by a utopian colony in Iowa
Appliance brand that formerly produced the Radarange
Refrigerator company named for the town it started in
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