277 clues
___ big
Pie type
Jobs site
Bob hope?
Red fruit
Mac maker
Pie fruit
Snack item
iPad maker
Rome, e.g.
Fruit type
Fuji, e.g.
iPod maker
Pie choice
Cider fruit
Crisp snack
iPad seller
Rome Beauty
Crisp fruit
Eve's fruit
Popular pie
Pie filling
Tell target
Sauce source
Bobbing goal
Bobbing hope
Cider flavor
Cook's corp.
I.B.M. rival
iPad company
Mac, for one
Northern Spy
Russet, e.g.
Satan's lure
Strudel base
Orchard tree
Common fruit
iPhone maker
Cider source
Juice source
Orchard fruit
Brandy flavor
Adam had one!
Computer logo
Gala, for one
iPad producer
It has a core
Jobs' company
Natural snack
Rome, for one
S&P 500 stock
Tech behemoth
Turnover item
Baldwin, e.g.
Computer name
Fameuse, e.g.
Tell's target
Jobs creation
Cobbler fruit
Winesap, e.g.
Kind of sauce
Tell tale item
Bobbing object
Eve's downfall
Fruit for Eris
iCloud company
iLife producer
Lunchbox fruit
Macintosh logo
Pearmain, e.g.
Cobbler flavor
McIntosh, e.g.
Sweeting, e.g.
Eve's offering
Dow 30 company
Turnover fruit
Bobber's quest
Kind of butter
Computer giant
Cider provider
An ___ a day...
Cook's concern?
Delicious fruit
IBM alternative
It's big in NYC
Macintosh e.g.
Macintosh maker
QuickTime maker
Teacher's fruit
What Eris threw
Delicious food?
Source of cider
Still-life item
Computer choice
S&P 500 company
Microsoft rival
Target for Tell
Orchard product
Sister of Moses
Honeycrisp, e.g.
Cider ingredient
Cook's bailiwick
Delicious snack?
Fruit from Eden?
Fruit to bob for
Kind of turnover
Let loose, maybe
Red Northern Spy
Stayman, for one
Rome or Jonathan
Tell tale target
Baldwin, for one
Winesap, for one
NASDAQ-100 stock
Popular computer
Still-life fruit
Snow White" fruit
Aphrodite's prize
iPad manufacturer
Love ____: tomato
Maker of the iPad
Modern watchmaker
Mom's kind of pie
Rome Beauty, e.g.
Russet or winesap
Strudel component
Doctor repellent?
Fruit with a core
Popular pie fruit
Brown Betty fruit
Washington product
Baseball, slangily
Delicious for one
Granny Smith fruit
Gwyneth's daughter
It has white flesh
Keeps the doc away
Pearmain or pippin
Strudel ingredient
Summer Rambo, e.g.
The Beatles' label
Big name in phones
Northern Spy, e.g.
Pie or cider fruit
Waldorf salad cube
Cobbler ingredient
Granny Smith, e.g.
______Hill, Ontario
Cobbler's material?
Fruit of temptation
Fruit-yielding tree
McIntosh or Winesap
Ontario's ____ Hill
Red Delicious fruit
Trillion dollar co.
US computer company
Familiar fruit logo
Granny Smith is one
Noted gadgets maker
Red Delicious, e.g.
Big fruit for N.Y.C.
Green ___ Quick Step
Microsoft competitor
Prop for a Tell skit
Red "McIntosh" fruit
Snow White's undoing
Sweeting or greening
Tablet maker of note
Essence of a "butter
Newton's inspiration
Certain sauce source
Beatles' record label
Big-time tablet maker
Fab Four record label
Macintosh or McIntosh
McIntosh or Delicious
New York is a big one
Present for a teacher
Snow White's downfall
Steven Jobs' creation
Proverbial preventive
Granny Smith, for one
William Tell's target
Big name in computers
Huge name in electrics
Love or candy follower
Offering for a teacher
Pink Lady, for example
Quaint schoolroom item
Traditional temptation
User of the prefix "i-
Fruit for New Yorkers?
Golden Delicious, e.g.
A Dow Jones Industrial
Brown betty ingredient
Granny Smith or Winesap
Jobs can be found there
Steve Wozniak's company
Tim Cook is its new CEO
Winesap or Northern Spy
Temptation for Atalanta
Present for the teacher
Waldorf salad ingredient
Classic gift for teacher
Company with Genius Bars
Granny Smith or McIntosh
Halloween bobber's prize
It split from Tell's hit
McIntosh or Granny Smith
Big name in smartwatches
Kind of butter or brandy
Flavor of Calvados brandy
Gift from a teacher's pet
Golden Delicious, for one
Jobs and Wozniak start-up
Give Peace a Chance" label
Company that makes iPhones
Granny Smith or pippin (5)
Gwyneth and Chris's "fruit
Gwyneth Paltrow's daughter
Isaac Newton's inspiration
It knocked Newton's noggin
Samsung's phone competitor
The Big __ (New York City)
Ingredient in Waldorf salad
Jobs and Wozniak founded it
Odell Lake" computer company
Inspiration for Isaac Newton
Label founded by the Beatles
Maker of i-opening products?
Maker of Logic and Final Cut
Poisonous gift to Snow White
Teacher's stereotypical gift
Company that makes the iPhone
Important part of a Tell tale
Label launched by the Beatles
Record label launched in 1968
Serpent's offering in Genesis
Fruit in a crumble or a crisp
___ II (Jobs-Wozniak creation)
Forbidden fruit, traditionally
Stock market sensation of 2012
Body shape of the abdomen-heavy
___ Brown Betty (fruity dessert)
Company that promotes i contact?
Fruit sometimes dipped in toffee
Snow White . . ." key plot device
Fruit that "keeps the doctor away
Jobs may be found at this company
Something shipped from Washington
Item on a schoolmarm's desk, maybe
Big city nickname with a big no-no?
Company started by Jobs and Wozniak
The fruit of Loammi Baldwin's labor
Evil queen's offering to Snow White
Caramel ___ (sweet treat on a stick)
The fruit of Loammi Baldwin's labors
Tree in the Garden of the Hesperides
Fruit in the nickname of New York City
Fruit with Honeycrisp and Fuji varieties
Prop in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Tech company that was sued by the Beatles
World's most admired company," per Fortune
Fruit associated with the island of Avalon
Fruit that's typically red, yellow, or green
First U.S. company to be valued at $1 trillion
Baby name chosen by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin (2004)
Company founded by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ronald Wayne
Hey Jude" record label, or what the end of each starred answer is
"I only run the Mac as needed, turning it off when not in use...
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