203 clues
Some soli
Met solos
Diva solos
Solo songs
Met pieces
Some songs
Some solos
Court star
Horne solos
Met ditties
Met numbers
Vocal solos
Opera tunes
Sills solos
Sills songs
Verdi songs
Opera parts
Opera songs
Opera solos
Alto's solos
Diva's solos
Met demands?
Opera output
Divas' songs
Met melodies
Opera pieces
Noted netman
Verdi pieces
Carmen" parts
Battle hymns?
Divas' fortes
Met favorites
Price numbers
Cantata solos
Met's lineup?
Soprano solos
McEnroe rival
Songs for one
La Scala songs
Oratorio solos
Scotto's forte
Some Met songs
Wagner's solos
Soprano pieces
Dramatic solos
Diva's numbers
Concert pieces
La Scala solos
Opera features
Operatic songs
Puccini pieces
Met highlights
Operatic solos
Recital pieces
Airs at the Met
Diva deliveries
Nilsson numbers
Opera offerings
Solos for Sills
Songs in operas
Soprano's solos
U.S. tennis pro
Vocal offerings
Operatic pieces
Vocal showcases
Songs for divas
Diva specialties
Kin of cavatinas
Opera selections
Operatic numbers
Solos at the Met
Some big numbers
Met expectations
Meyerbeer output
Vocal highlights
Divas' offerings
Sills selections
Opera highlights
Tosca" highlights
Tosca" selections
Bocelli offerings
Diva performances
Divas' renderings
Fleming offerings
Musical offerings
Oratorio melodies
Solo vocal pieces
Some Verdi vocals
Pagliacci" pieces
Libretto features
Diva's deliveries
Operatic melodies
Diva's repertoire
Blegen specialties
Met solos, perhaps
Moffo's were boffo
Prima donna pieces
Tagliavini's tunes
Tenor's repertoire
Verdi compositions
High-ranked netman
Some vocal numbers
Solos for sopranos
Divas' big moments
Cantata vocal solos
Domingo specialties
Dramatic highlights
Jimmy ___ of tennis
Met program details
Musical soliloquies
Tennis player Jimmy
1987 Peace Nobelist
Covent Garden solos
Divas' showstoppers
Oratorio highlights
Operatic showpieces
Diva's performances
Operatic highlights
La Scala highlights
Prima donnas' pieces
Renée Fleming solos
Some elaborate solos
Some Mozart melodies
Some vocal showcases
Songs "di sentimento
Tenors' showstoppers
Peace Nobelist: 1987
Soprano's repertoire
Covent Garden numbers
Nobelist after Wiesel
One of Lendl's rivals
Operatic performances
Operatic showstoppers
Unlikely Top 40 songs
Costa Rican statesman
Songs for the Met set
The Magic Flute" parts
Andrea Bocelli numbers
Primo uomo's offerings
Soprano's preparations
Tests of Sills' skills
Songs for prima donnas
Coloraturas' deliveries
Three Tenors selections
Three Tenors' offerings
1987 Peace Prize winner
Pieces for prima donnas
President of Costa Rica
Boffo Moffo performances
Coloraturas' big moments
Covent Garden highlights
Prima donnas' deliveries
They're heard at the Met
Nobelist for Peace: 1987
Prima donna performances
Prima donna's repertoire
Eugene Onegin" highlights
Andrea Bocelli deliveries
Moises of "Hannah Montana
Some Kennedy Center solos
Sometime rival of McEnroe
Lincoln Center highlights
O Mio Babbino Caro" et al.
16 things in "Don Giovanni
1987 Peace Prize recipient
Five things in "La Bohème
Ex-President of Costa Rica
Kiri Te Kanawa specialties
Verdi's "Macbeth" melodies
Former president of Panama
Former Panamanian president
Lincoln Center showstoppers
Nobelist Oscar ____ Sanchez
Some of Saint-Saëns' songs
Strains to hear at the Met?
Music with singing sopranos
Mi chiamano Mimi" and others
Costa Rican president Óscar
Deliveries at Lincoln Center
1987 Nobel Peace Prize winner
Causes of Met music swellings
Opera stars' moments to shine
Former president of Costa Rica
Jessye Norman's stock-in-trade
What some basses specialize in
Many famous ones are from Italy
Offerings from the Three Tenors
1987 Nobel Peace Prize recipient
Highlights from the Three Tenors
Showstoppers sung by opera divas
Prima donna's repertoire, perhaps
Specialties of Pons and Ponselle.
Performances that may evoke bravas
1987 Peace Nobelist from Costa Rica
Works like Beethoven's "Ah! perfido
Big solos during death scenes, often
Numerous Mozart "free-standing" works
Deliveries in a foreign language, often
Criminal Jodi who was convicted of first-degree murder in May 2013
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