314 clues
Fire sign
Pit dross
Butt ends
Fire signs
Cigar ends
Fire proof
Gray flakes
Grate fill?
Last traces
Old flames?
Arson yield
Cigar waste
Fire powder
Hearth heap
Some flakes
Tray filler
Grill waste
Grate stuff
Angela's ___
Fire results
Grief symbol
Lent adjunct
Lent symbols
Some remains
Hearth stuff
Grate things
Poker target
Fire product
Hearth waste
Some fallout
Timber trees
Urn contents
Fire remains
Fire residue
Cigar remains
Fire leavings
Fire follower
Fire residues
Hibachi waste
Ingle residue
Phoenix nest?
Tomb contents
Hearth debris
Grate residue
Burnt residue
Grave matter?
Hearth refuse
Burnt remains
Grill residue
Tray contents
Lenten symbol
Fire remnants
Volcanic spew
Cigar residue
BBQ leftovers?
Cremains, e.g.
Cricket trophy
Flicked debris
Smoker's trail
Smoking result
Poker targets?
Sooty residues
Fire leftovers
Fireplace find
Fire aftermath
Burning result
Phoenix source
Phoenix origin
Sweep's target
Arson evidence
Hardwood trees
Hearth residue
Campfire refuse
Fire pit flakes
Firedog residue
Hearth leavings
Hearth residues
Oleaceous trees
Santa spotters?
Sign of burnout
Some fertilizer
Certain remains
Charcoal grains
Hearth contents
Grill leftovers
Certain residue
Fireplace waste
Bonfire remains
Fireplace stuff
Cookout residue
The living end?
Powdery remains
Arson aftermath
Bonfire residue
Hibachi residue
Cookout creation
Cookout remnants
Fire pit residue
Fireplace flakes
Hearth sweepings
Phoenix starters
Phoenix's milieu
Phoenix's origin
Refuse in a tray
Smoker's tap-off
Smokers' residue
Smoldering ruins
Stogie droppings
Grate collection
Grateful, maybe?
Bonfire remnants
Fireplace debris
Phoenix setting?
It's grate stuff
Camel droppings?
Burning evidence
Campfire remains
Volcanic residue
Barbecue residue
Campfire residue
Campfire evidence
Cremation remains
Evidence of arson
Firepit particles
Fireplace fallout
Incinerator stuff
Phoenix, formerly
Sackcloth and ___
Briquette residue
Combustion result
Phoenix's remains
Symbol of penance
Symbol of remorse
Bonfire leftovers
Campfire residues
Remains in a tray
Barbecue remnants
Remains of a fire
Sackcloth partner
Fireplace remains
Pompeii's undoing
Fireplace residue
Campsite leftovers
Clambake leftovers
Crematory creation
Fallers on Pompeii
Fire pit leftovers
Grate accumulation
Incinerator debris
Olive family trees
Pompeiian cover-up
Yesterday's flame.
Cookout leftovers?
Pompeii's covering
Smokers flick them
Volcanic particles
Fire pit particles
Fireplace residues
Grate expectations
E-cigarette's lack
Phoenix birthplace
Campfire leftovers
Combustion residue
Fireplace remnants
Barbecue leftovers?
Cinerarium contents
Coatings on hearths
Cookout leftovers6?
Cycle for a phoenix
Evidence of a blaze
Fireplace sweepings
Manages a cigarette
Nero's gift to Rome
Origin of a phoenix
Results of burnout?
Test cricket series
Vulcanology subject
Barbecues' residues
Remains in the tray
Incinerator product
Remains by the fire
Remains to be seen?
Sackcloth companion
Incinerator residue
Sackcloth's partner
A symbol of penance.
Content of some urns
Incinerator contents
Incinerator leavings
Origins of a phoenix
Symbols of penitence
Remains of the tray?
Phoenix's birthplace
Fire-gone conclusion
Conflagration residue
Droppings from a butt
McCourt's 'Angela's '
Phoenix rebirth stuff
Result of a flare-up?
Result of hearth burn
What some logs become
Phoenix surroundings?
Remains of a campfire
Remains on the hearth
They may be scattered
Contents of some urns
... ___, dust to dust
Briquettes, ultimately
Briquettes, eventually
Phoenix's surroundings
Remains in a container
They soiled Cinderella
Contents of some trays
Fireplace accumulation
Briquets, post-barbecue
Leftovers at a barbecue
Remains at the campsite
Whence a phoenix arises
Whence a rising phoenix
Whence the phoenix rose
Word in a McCourt title
''... ___, dust to ...''
... to ---, dust to dust
Cricket prize, with "the
Mount St. Helens fallout
Parliaments produce them
Phoenixes rise from them
Remains after combustion
Silent butler's contents
Vapers don't create them
They were once hot stuff
Whence the phoenix arose
Whence the phoenix rises
___ of rose (grayish red)
Best seller "Angela's ___
Contents of certain trays
Remains of anything burnt
Fireplace grate leftovers
They used to be hot stuff
A Wimbledon champ's family
Evidence left by arsonists
Remains on a mantel, maybe
Silent butler's collection
What the phoenix rose from
Whence a phoenix is reborn
Word on either side of "to
Burned to ___ (incinerated)
Contents of a silent butler
From whence a phoenix rises
Phoenix's source of rebirth
Remedy for an icy sidewalk.
Ruins, as of a civilization
Taps the top of a cigarette
What the phoenix rises from
Arson investigation evidence
Briquets, after the barbecue
Embrace song after the fire?
Indication of some oxidation
Phoenix's remains and origin
Remains in the ground, often
Reunion bands rise from them
The phoenix rises from these
Trees used for baseball bats
Whence the phoenix is reborn
From which the phoenix arose
Word before and after ''to''
Test cricket prize, with "The
Repeated word in Bowie '80 hit
What the hearth may be full of
Word both before and after "to
Briquettes, after the barbecue
Tennis great Arthur and family
Angela's ___" (1996 best seller)
Ring Around the Rosie word
What's left after something burns
What you are when you're scattered
Stuff from the bottom of my hearth
Angela's ___" (Frank McCourt memoir)
What a phoenix rises from, with "the
Chili Peppers song about a cigarette?
Gray stuff left over from a cigarette
What the legendary phoenix rises from
Perfect Circle side project ___ Divide
Repeated word in "Ring Around the Rosy
Word repeated in ring-around-the-rosey
Angela's ___" (1999 Emily Watson movie)
Word repeated before "We all fall down!
What comes from the bottom of my hearth
Word repeated in "Ring Around The Rosie
Symbol bestowed on the first day of Lent
They're worn on the day after Mardi Gras
England-Australia cricket prize, with "The
Word before and after "to," in a religious phrase
Angela's ___" (1996 memoir largely set in Ireland)
Five Finger Death Punch song about remains of cigarettes?
Word repeated in "Ring Around the Rosy" before "We all fall down
Word that goes in either blank of the David Bowie classic "___ to ___
People who fight fire with fire usually end up with ___": Abigail Van Buren
The ___ (trophy for the annual test cricket match between England and Australia)
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