147 clues
A nail
Hot Pitt
Wee nail
Mr. Pitt
Sky bear
Flat nail
Shoe nail
Wire nail
Thin nail.
Small tack
Man's name.
Peachy Pitt
Peen target
Small nail.
Little nail
Nail variety
Tapered nail
Type of nail
Slender nail
Babel"'s Pitt
Pitt of "Fury
Tack's cousin
Pitt of "Troy
Pitt in films
Thin fastener
Carpentry item
Angelina's guy
Hollywood Pitt
Pitt of "Babel
Delp of Boston
Singer Paisley
Thin wire nail
Finishing nail
Small fastener
Brangelina half
Floorboard nail
Movie star Pitt
Paisley or Pitt
Pitt of "Snatch
Pitt with roles
Pitt or Garrett
Script fastener
Actor ____ Pitt
Pitt or Paisley
Floorboard fixer
Hollywood's Pitt
Jennifer's hubby
Paisley of music
Paisley, for one
Carpenter's nail
Funnyman Garrett
Molding fastener
Pitt of pictures
Slender fastener
Country's Paisley
Nowell of Sublime
Paneling fastener
Pitt of "Sleepers
Pitt of Hollywood
Slender wire nail
Angelina's partner
Boston singer Delp
Floorboard securer
Garrett of sitcoms
Jennifer's husband
Park of the Bruins
Park of the N.H.L.
Pitt of the movies
Pitt of Tinseltown
Small tapered nail
Stone Gossard band
Stationery securer
Half of Brangelina
Hollywood hunk Pitt
Husband of Angelina
Park of N.H.L. fame
Panthers' Richards
Pitt of 'Moneyball'
Pitt of "Kalifornia
Park of hockey fame
Small, slender nail
Country star Paisley
Jennifer's new hubby
Pitt in ''Sleepers''
Small metal fastener
Aerosmith's Whitford
Pitt of "World War Z
Today" singer Paisley
Astros catcher Ausmus
Ben in "The Big Short
Celtics coach Stevens
Heartthrob actor Pitt
Whitford of Aerosmith
Garrett of "'Til Death
J.D. to Geena's Thelma
Pitt of ''Fight Club''
Pitt of "The Big Short
Country singer Paisley
It gets hit on the head
Hardware store offering
His acting is the Pitts
Pitt of "Meet Joe Black
Pitt of "Ocean's Eleven
Pitt of "Ocean's Twelve
Pitt of "Twelve Monkeys
Benjamin in a 2008 film
Country music's Paisley
Hardware store purchase
Jeopardy!" legend Rutter
Floorboard hardware item
Paisley of country music
Spike's miniature cousin
Hollywood heartthrob Pitt
Pitt of 'Thelma & Louise'
Actor Pitt of "Kalifornia
Actor Pitt of "World War Z
Fastener in a punched hole
George's nickname for Omar
Paisley with three Grammys
Benjamin Button" star Pitt
Ratatouille" director Bird
12 Years a Slave" actor Pitt
Ocean's Thirteen" actor Pitt
The Tree of Life" actor Pitt
Marmaduke" cartoonist Anderson
Janet's "Rocky Horror" fiancé
Whiskey Lullaby" singer Paisley
Without a Fight" singer Paisley
Actor Pitt of "12 Years a Slave
Guitarist Delson of Linkin Park
Guitarist Whitford of Aerosmith
Pitt who played Benjamin Button
Boy's name that's a hardware item
Crash Test Dummies singer Roberts
Two-time "Sexiest Man Alive" Pitt
___ Park, Ranger who became a Bruin
The Rocky Horror Picture Show" hero
Garrett of "Everybody Loves Raymond
Interview With the Vampire" star Pitt
Angelina's "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" co-star
Sexiest Man Alive" two-time winner Pitt
Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Johnson
Stone Gossard's band, when not with Pearl Jam
Pitt of Netflix's recently released film "War Machine
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