139 clues
Q &A" airer
Debate airer
D.C. network
TV from D.C.
House shower
DC TV channel
Hearing airer
House watcher
House network
House coverer
House channel
House reporter
It covers D.C.
Hearings airer
Hearing shower
Channel from DC
TV debut of '79
Book TV" channel
Airer of debates
Cable TV channel
Hearings channel
TV debut of 1979
DC-based channel
Hill broadcaster
Congress coverer
Airer of hearings
Channel for wonks
House broadcaster
Political channel
Filibuster channel
Washington channel
It covers Congress
It covers the Hill
Senate broadcaster
Basic cable channel
Channel for debates
Cong. hearing airer
Congressional airer
D.C. hearings airer
It covers the floor
Basic-cable station
It covers the House
Congress broadcaster
DC-based broadcaster
Senate session airer
Senate hearing airer
Source for D.C. news
TV political network
Capitol cable channel
Govt. address system?
Spot for news junkies
Congressional channel
Channel with hearings
Booknotes" broadcaster
Gavel-to-gavel station
Hearing-airing channel
House coverage offerer
It shows off the House
Political talk channel
Public address system?
Public service channel
Where to hear hearings
Where to see the House
Landmark Cases" channel
Broadcaster of hearings
Capitol Hill TV channel
House watcher's channel
Where to view the House
Where to watch politics
US Senate cable channel
Airer of F.C.C. hearings
Carrier of D.C. hearings
Political buff's channel
TV network based in D.C.
Cable channel since 1979
Place to follow politics
Congressional TV channel
Cable channel of Congress
Channel covering Congress
Channel airing the Senate
Congressional broadcaster
D.C. hearings broadcaster
Filibuster-airing channel
Washington Journal" airer
After Words" cable channel
Cable channel for Congress
Political junkies watch it
Where History Unfolds Daily
Political buff's cable sta.
Political event broadcaster
Washington Journal" channel
Congressional cable channel
One place to view the House
Where to see Congress on TV
Channel for political types
Filibustering is shown on it
It may let you see a hearing
Network that covers Congress
It puts the House on display
Channel for political junkies
What government junkies watch
Network for political junkies
Poli-sci buff's cable station
Channel covering Capitol Hill
Channel showing Cong. hearings
Political aficionado's station
They have cameras in the House
Political buff's cable station
Cable channel airing the Senate
Congressional proceedings airer
They broadcast the Senate a lot
Where to see Congress in action
District of Columbia broadcaster
Where to see government programs
Prime Minister's Questions" airer
Channel for the politically aware
Congressional session broadcaster
Airer of Congressional proceedings
A political debate might be on this
Channel with cameras in the Capitol
Viewing fare for government junkies
Where to see Congressional hearings
One place to see your representative
Channel with hearings and filibusters
Channel on which to watch a filibuster
Cable channel for the politically aware
TV channel showing Congressional action
Network showing Capitol Hill proceedings
Cable channel for political junkies: Hyph.
Channel that's home to "Washington Journal
Channel that shows Congressional votes: Hyph.
It broadcasts Congressional proceedings: Hyph.
Channel that broadcasts Congressional hearings: Hyph.
Cable network that shows US lawmakers in action: Hyph.
Channel with a "Congressional Chronicle" online archive
Network whose first broadcast was a 1979 speech by Al Gore
Basic cable channel ... or a phonetic explanation of this puzzle's theme
Gavel-to-gavel" broadcaster, and a hint to six long answers in this puzzle
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