263 clues
Old man
TV Major
___ jokes
41, to 43
June hero
Mom's guy
Mom's man
June V.I.P
Family man
Mom's mate
Family guy?
Add anagram
Bill payer.
Brit's "guv
Jr., to III
Mate of Mom
Pop or Pops
Mom and ___
Male parent
June honoree
Catch player
Dear old ___
Deadbeat ___
Mom's fellow
Mom's spouse
The "old man
Family member
Arabic letter
Andy, to Opie
Family V.I.P.
He's got kids
Guy with kids
Newman is one
Paying member
Tie recipient
Dear old" man
Mom's husband
Father figure?
Annual honoree
Earl, to Tiger
Henry, to Jane
June celebrity
Lear, to Regan
Me, to Tabitha
Homer, to Lisa
Homer, to Bart
Mom's partner?
Anakin, to Luke
Midyear honoree
Mom's companion
Mommy's dearest
Junior's senior
Stay-at-home __
Ward, to Beaver
Zeus, to Apollo
TV's "Major ___
''Dear old'' guy
Dear old" person
Pop" alternative
Bill, to Chelsea
Burned beginning
Household figure
Mufasa, to Simba
''Dear old'' one
Barack, to Malia
Man of the house
Mom's other half
One of the folks
Kirk, to Michael
Mid-June honoree
Barack, to Barack
Celebrant in June
Donald, to Kiefer
Gomez, to Pugsley
Mom's counterpart
NASCAR fan, maybe
One feted in June
Pat to Sigourney
Man of the family
Ward, to the Beav
Senior, to junior
Father, familiarly
Dear old" relative
Danson/Lemmon film
First coach, often
His day is in June
Many a scoutmaster
Third or sixth row
Palindromic parent
Family sitcom role
Scoutmaster, often
'50s sitcom staple
Father, informally
''Dear old'' fellow
Annual June honoree
Billy Ray, to Miley
Danish hard rockers
Head of the family.
Homer Simpson, e.g.
June gift recipient
Paternal palindrome
Root beer patriarch
Scout leader, maybe
Ward, to the Beaver
Father, to his kids
Xmas gift recipient
June card recipient
Parental palindrome
Andy Taylor, to Opie
Bruce Dern, to Laura
Father's Day honoree
George, to George W.
Many a turkey carver
Palindrome for pater
Tie recipient, often
Member of the family
Palindromic relative
    Family nickname
Donovan, to Ione Skye
Jerry Orbach, to Tony
Minivan driver, maybe
One changing a diaper
Once-a-year celebrity
Major ___," TV sitcom
1989 Jack Lemmon film
Nuclear family member
Palindromic patriarch
Subject of this puzzle
Major ___" of 1990s TV
Card recipient in June
Grilling expert, often
Harry Potter, to Albus
His big day is in June
Catch partner, perhaps
Parent honored in June
Familiar sitcom figure
Sitcom stock character
Parent, back and forth
Dear old" family member
Certain PTA participant
Having a baby makes one
Ol' Blue Eyes, to Nancy
Palindromic family name
Ricky, to Gunnar Nelson
Dear old" family fellow
Book by William Wharton
___ joke (total groaner)
Catch participant, often
Martin Sheen, to Charlie
Ricky, to Matthew Nelson
Tie receiver, frequently
Treehouse builder, maybe
Typical sitcom character
He gets a holiday in June
Many a youth soccer coach
Paternal Goldfinger song?
Henry Mitchell, to Dennis
Palindromic family member
Sleeping My Day Away" band
Allowance dispenser, often
Little League coach, maybe
Many a peewee sports coach
Steven Tyler, to Liv Tyler
Another nuclear fam member
Barack, to Malia and Sasha
He may coach Little League
Remote controller, perhaps
Many a Little League coach
Nickname within the family
Catch participant, perhaps
Little League coach, often
Source of college funding?
Had a ___" Jane's Addiction
1989 Jack Lemmon tearjerker
Henry, to Dennis the Menace
Many a Cub Scout den leader
Many a delivery participant
Vandals: "Sorry Mom and ___
Father's Day gift recipient
Many a Little League rooter
#1 ___ (gift T-shirt slogan)
Homer in "The Simpsons," say
Jay on "Modern Family," e.g.
Party to many a camping trip
Tim Taylor or Al Bundy, e.g.
Third-Sunday-in-June honoree
Major ___" (1989-1993 sitcom)
Coach in Little League, often
College loan co-signer, maybe
Game with orcs and half-elves
Little League coach, probably
Word after NASCAR or deadbeat
Jon Voight, to Angelina Jolie
PTA meeting attendee, perhaps
___ jokes (corny family humor)
American __!": animated sitcom
Dear old" member of the family
Formerly Disneyland After Dark
Piggyback ride provider, often
The older of two catch players
Christmas gift recipient, often
Christmas stocking label, maybe
Frequent college funding source
Grill operator, stereotypically
Martin Sheen, to Emilio Estevez
Stereotypical corny joke teller
American ___!" (animated comedy)
Common source of college funding
Darryl, in the comic "Baby Blues
Youngster's "play catch" partner
College funding source, for some
Ghost ___" (1990 Bill Cosby film)
Thanksgiving turkey carver, maybe
No Fuel Left for the Pilgrims" band
Ricky Nelson, to Gunnar and Matthew
__ rock (Springsteen, Santana, etc.)
National Bank owner, on gag T-shirts
American ___!" (Fox animated sitcom)
American ___!" (animated show on Fox)
Kanye, to North and Saint, for example
American ___!" (animated series on Fox)
American ___!" (Seth MacFarlane series)
Family member who has a holiday in June
American ___!" (animated series on TBS)
American ___!" (Seth MacFarlane cartoon)
Newly licensed teen's passenger, perhaps
For Grad or __" (common spring store sign)
Puzzle honoree found in eight long answers
Parent who can pass on an X or Y chromosome
Stereotypical teller of a groan-worthy joke
One who might explain the birds and the bees
American ___!" (Seth MacFarlane animated series)
American ___!" (Seth MacFarlane animated sitcom)
Narrator" of Harry Chapin's "Cat's in the Cradle
American ___!" (sitcom that moved from Fox to TBS)
Getting Even With ___" (1994 Macaulay Culkin movie)
Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day participant
American ___!" (animated sitcom from Seth McFarlane)
Stereotypically hard-to-shop-for member of the family
What Phil is to Haley, Alex, and Luke on "Modern Family
Word often said exasperatedly after a terrible corny joke
American ___!" (Fox animated series about the Smith family)
Today's honoree, found in this puzzle's eight longest answers
Family member who stereotypically builds the IKEA furniture (at least in my family)
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