206 clues
VIP area
___ pulpit
Roast site
Roast spot
Podium site
Roast place
Throne site
Roast stand
Speech site
Speech spot
Address site
Emcee's post
Honoree spot
Roast locale
Seat setting
Banquet area
Lectern spot
Raised stage
Banquet spot
Emcee's spot
Low platform
Emcee's place
Lectern stand
M. C.'s place
Speak from it
Speaking spot
Stumping spot
V.I.P. locale
Emcee's stand
V.I.P.'s spot
Banquet stage
Orator's spot
Talking point
Speaker's post
Speakers' spot
Spot for Bryan
Roast setting?
Roasting spot?
Speech setting
Orator's perch
Orator's place
Roaster's spot
Roast platform
Place of honor
Honoree's spot
Lectern locale
Raised platform
Speaker's place
Lecturer's spot
Oration setting
Place for a don
Table #1, often
V.I.P. platform
Keynoter's spot
Roasting locale
Speaker's stage
Honoree's place
Oration station
Speaker's stand
Head table stand
Panel's platform
Performance site
Roaster's place?
Speaker's milieu
Speaker's podium
Stand at a roast
Stand for roasts
V.I.P. supporter
A kind of pulpit
Chairman's place
Dignitary's spot
Emcee's platform
Lectern's locale
Honoree's locale
Lecturer's place
Lectern location
Oration location
Toaster setting?
Banquet platform
Lectern platform
Elevated platform
Address location?
Banquet-hall area
Campaign platform
Head table's area
Lecture platform.
Roast centerpiece
Site for roasting
SpeakerÂ's stand
V.I.P.'s location
VIP table setting
Stand for a roast
Orator's platform
Place for a panel
Speaking platform
Place for a roast
Speaker's platform
Honoree's platform
Place for roasters
Place for V.I.P.'s
Presentation stand
Recitation station
Roasting platform?
Roaster's platform
Stand at a banquet
Stand at an affair
Speechifier's spot
Toastmaster's spot
Head table's place
Soapbox, sometimes
Stand in ceremony?
Spot for a lectern
Campaigner's stand
Place for roasting
Place for a throne
Speaker's position?
Head table's locale
Head-table location
Lecturer's location
Place for a roaster
Place for a teacher
Politician's stand?
Salutatorian's site
Spot for an address
Stand for an orator
Toastmaster's place
Award delivery site
It may be a step up
Place for a lectern
Platform at a roast
Place for a lecture
Political platform?
Stand for a speaker
Lecturer's platform
Place for a speaker
Place for an honoree
Seats-of-honor setup
Throne-room platform
Where the wheels sit
Guest speaker's spot
Honored guest's site
Seat of honor locale
Stand at the banquet
Honored guest's spot
Place for the speaker
Platform for a throne
Politician's platform
Setting for a roaster
Awards-night platform
Lecture hall platform
Awards-night structure
Banquet speaker's spot
Honored guests' milieu
Place for Billy Graham
Point of many a speech
Seat of honor location
Stand during a lecture
Where honorees may sit
Where roasters may sit
Platform for a lectern
Platform for a speaker
Station for an oration
Guest of honor's place
Comic-Con panel's place
Place for the V.I.P.'s.
Salutatorian's platform
Source of gas, at times
You may speak from here
Conference-room platform
Site for a seat of honor
Stand taken by a debater
What many audiences face
Where an honoree may sit
Honored guests' platform
Valedictorian's platform
Place for a seat of honor
Place to start the roast?
Speaker's raised platform
Coronation location, often
Locale for a seat of honor
Place for a prize ceremony
Place for Bryan or Douglas
Raised terrace out of doors
Screed deliverer's platform
Something on which to speak
Where banquet speakers sit.
Platform at a celebrity roast
Platform for a guest of honor
Raised platform for a speaker
Seat for after-dinner speakers
Setting for an Inaugural Address
Where to find the guest of honor
Locale for a speaker and honorees
Military parade's reviewing stand
Two teleprompters might flank one
Where dignitaries are often seated
Bride and groom's spot at the reception
Platform where the keynote speaker sits
Speaker's place at RnR Hall of Fame induction
Speaker's platform at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame speech
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