663 clues
Lab __
Gene ID
CSI "clue
ID factor
CSI" tool
CSI" find
Gene acid
Cell stuff
CSI" stuff
23andMe ID
Adonis ___
Genes acid
Test subj.
CSI" proof
CSI" subj.
CSI sample
Hi-tech ID
Gene's ID?
Gene stuff
Genetic ID
Lab subject
Life lines?
Type of lab
CSI" matter
Acid: Abbr.
Bio. strand
Bodily code
CODIS focus
Helix mtrl.
ID material
Means of ID
'CSI' topic
Bio subject
CSI concern
ID clincher
Trial topic
ID provider
Forensic ID
Kind of test
NCIS" matter
Basic makeup
Cloning need
Coiled stuff
Gene's place
Genetic base
Genetic mol.
Genetic unit
Code letters
Tiny strands
Genetic acid
Code of life
Cell letters
Double helix
High-tech ID
Nucleic acid
Code carrier
Satellite ___
Forensic tool
CSI" material
CSI" molecule
CSI" specimen
23andMe stuff
Bio. evidence
Chain letters
Cloning basic
Code material
CSI lab stuff
DA's interest
Forensics aid
Genetic mtrl.
Hair strands?
Stranded code
Test material
__ sequencing
Biological ID
Cell occupant
Helical stuff
Genetic helix
Genetic info.
Some evidence
Stuff of life
Evidence type
It's stranded
Cell material
Gene material
Genetic abbr.
Trait carrier
Genetic stuff
'CSI evidence'
It's in my ___
Body blueprint
Chain material
CSI identifier
Essential code
FBI identifier
FBI lab sample
Gene's letters
Gene's makeup?
Genomic matter
Heredity helix
It's in chains
Kind of strand
Life substance
Makeup carrier
Modern ID form
Stuff in genes
Chemical abbr.
Crime lab clue
CSI lab sample
Genetic marker
Trial evidence
Twisted sample
Chain of life?
It has a twist
Biochem strand
Cell substance
Genetic strand
Stranded stuff
Gene component
Kind of sample
Genes material
Genetic matter
Cellular stuff
Genetic inits.
Kind of testing
Genetic strands
CSI" collection
Ancestry tracer
Baby identifier
Basic cell mat.
Cellular strand
Coiled material
Crime lab study
Crime lab stuff
CRISPR material
Cytology inits.
Genetic acronym
Genomics sample
Helical strands
Hereditary acid
Makeup initials
Parentage proof
Recombinant ___
Swab test stuff
T-Rex blueprint
'NCIS' evidence
Forensics focus
Strand in a lab
Strong evidence
Type of testing
Strand material
Genome material
Key to heredity
Modern evidence
Heredity factor
Genetic letters
Forensic letters
Paternity prover
23andMe molecule
Code to live by?
CSI lab material
Evidence letters
Evidence on "CSI
FBI lab material
Fingerprint type
Genetic monogram
Genetic template
Heredity helixes
Heredity's helix
High-tech marker
Life's blueprint
Nucleus contents
Personal matter?
Story of my life
Very small chain
Form of evidence
Hereditary helix
Parentage prover
Swabbed specimen
Type of evidence
Biotech material
It makes you you
Cloning material
Forensic finding
Lab test subject
Strands in a lab
Crime-lab sample
Genetic molecule
Hereditary stuff
Genetic evidence
Genetic initials
Genetic material
CSI" topic, often
Base pair's place
Biological marker
Court case sample
Crime lab strands
Crime lab subject
Forensics strands
Genealogical info
Genomics material
Heredity initials
Heredity molecule
ID tag, of a sort
ID you cannot see
It has base pairs
Kind of profiling
Life force: Abbr.
Modern test subj.
Positive ID maker
Recombinant stuff
Stranded molecule
Stranded material
Strands for life?
Your basic makeup
CSI" test subject
Chromosome's home
Cloner's material
Crime lab letters
Parent identifier
The stuff of life
Type of profiling
Father identifier
Genetic component
It has four bases
It's in our genes
Forensic sampling
Genetic substance
Forensic material
It's in the genes
Forensic evidence
Trait transmitter
Hereditary factor
Crime solver's aid
___ fingerprinting
Chain of evidence?
Crime scene matter
Evidence for a lab
FBI lab collection
Gene-splicing need
Helicases split it
Hereditary helices
ID factor, perhaps
It's in your genes
Kind of sequencing
Modern fingerprint
Modernday evidence
Molecular evidence
Site of base pairs
Strand of evidence
Type of modern lab
Watson-Crick subj.
Watson-Crick model
A type of evidence
Crime lab material
Double-helix stuff
Modern ID verifier
Shred of evidence?
Source of evidence
Genetic "blueprint
Modern means of ID
Crime lab specimen
Crime-lab evidence
Genetic cell stuff
Hereditary letters
Genetic identifier
Strands in a cell?
Geneticist's study
Some court evidence
Body-building stuff
Cheek swab material
Common bodybuilder?
Crime scene letters
Definitive evidence
Essence of everyone
Evidence of descent
Genetic info holder
Genetic link: Abbr.
Life-force initials
Major macromolecule
Mitochondrial stuff
Passed-down strands
Paternity confirmer
Some "CSI" evidence
Strand with a twist
Watson-Crick compd.
Chromosome material
Helical inheritance
Something inherited
Strands in the body
Superhelix material
What makes you you?
What you're made of
Modern test subject
Recombinant letters
Stuff in a sequence
Some crime evidence
Some trial evidence
Modern-day evidence
CSI" evidence: Abbr.
Forensic ID clincher
CSI" find, sometimes
23andMe test subject
Bit of forensic data
Coiled macromolecule
Crime scene material
Double helix letters
Dr. Crick's interest
It can prove kinship
It looks like ><><><
Strand from a parent
Strands in your hair
Stuff in a supercoil
Test subject on "CSI
Type of test on "CSI
CSI" evidence, often
Jurassic Park" stuff
Certain code carrier
Chromosomal material
Crime-scene evidence
Fingerprint's cousin
Genetic info letters
Kind of "fingerprint
Modern forensic tool
Type of fingerprint?
Watson-Crick subject
Biological blueprint
Paternity determiner
Geneticist's concern
Genetic code letters
Paternity identifier
Genetic code carrier
Genetic info carrier
Chromosome component
Bioinformatics strand
Case breaker, perhaps
Chain with four bases
Crime clue from genes
Double helix material
Factor in inheritance
Forensic science clue
Gene's makeup (abbr.)
Genetic code material
Genetic marker, abbr.
Genetic sample: Abbr.
Genetic stuff (Abbr.)
Heredity double helix
ID clincher, at times
It can be supercoiled
Lengthy macromolecule
Letters heard on "CSI
Life-giving substance
Nucleic acid initials
Organic No Wave band?
Reproductive material
Law & Order" evidence
Cloner's raw material
It may be recombinant
Chromosomal component
Sample in a crime lab
Watson's code letters
Life's building block
Biological identifier
Paternity test factor
Double-helix molecule
Forensic science tool
Subject of this puzzle
    Lab exam subject
Case-breaker, at times
Class of nucleic acids
Evidence in an FBI lab
Genetic marker acronym
Geneticist's substance
High-tech ID substance
Paternity lab evidence
Paternity suit letters
Paternity test letters
Stuff in the gene pool
The latest in evidence
Type of court evidence
Type of modern testing
What PCR and RFLP test
Fingerprinting" sample
Evidence with a twist?
FBI evidence, at times
Forensics focus, often
Genetic code container
Genetic identification
It trumps fingerprints
Legacy from an X and Y
Mitochondrion material
Strands in a crime lab
Evidence type, briefly
Kind of fingerprinting
Some forensic evidence
Chemical building block
Cold case solver, maybe
Crime lab sample: Abbr.
Fatherhood-testing info
Focus of a genome study
Forensic ID determinant
Forensic tool, nowadays
Genetic evidence source
Innocence Project topic
Latter-day case breaker
Some profiling material
Strong type of evidence
Subj. of modern mapping
Trial evidence, perhaps
The Selfish Gene" topic
CSI evidence, sometimes
It might be recombinant
Paternity test material
Strong sort of evidence
Genetic material: Abbr.
Paternity test evidence
Paternity-suit evidence
It must be in the genes
Who's your daddy?" test
Genetic molecule: Abbr.
Carrier of genetic info
Building block, of sorts
Carriers of genetic code
Genetic helix, for short
Genetic substance: Abbr.
Inheritance with a twist
Key to heredity, briefly
Letters from the family?
Material in mitochondria
Paternity proof, briefly
Series of chain letters?
Strands at a crime scene
Subj. of a court exhibit
Trial evidence, at times
Watson and Crick concern
Watson and Crick's model
Forensic evidence, often
It could prove paternity
Kind of testing, briefly
Tool of forensic science
Watson and Crick subject
Watson and Crick's focus
Letters from your folks?
Genetic info transmitter
Highly reliable evidence
A Flock of Seagulls" song
Body blueprint, for short
Crime lab evidence: Abbr.
Exonerator, in some cases
Fingerprint with a twist?
Forensic evidence letters
Forensic science sampling
Genentech's ticker symbol
Genetic marker, for short
High-tech ''fingerprint''
Innocence Project subject
Modern-day court evidence
Subject of bioinformatics
A strong sort of evidence
Biological building block
Blueprint with four bases
Crime lab specimen: Abbr.
Genetic lab sample: Abbr.
The Double Helix" subject
Court evidence, sometimes
Internal makeup of a sort
Type of forensic evidence
Trial evidence, sometimes
Modern courtroom evidence
Basis of many positive IDs
Bit of biological evidence
Dr. Watson's claim to fame
Hereditary material: Abbr.
Human genome project stuff
Human Genome Project topic
It's part of the gene pool
Modern aid in anthropology
Modern kind of fingerprint
Protein synthesizer: abbr.
Sequencing target, briefly
Type of lab or fingerprint
Ancestry.com test material
Genetic blueprint for life
Some "CSI" evidence: Abbr.
Letters from your parents?
Evidence in paternity suits
Crucial biological molecule
Factor in some exonerations
Genetic molecule, for short
It may be used to ID a perp
Kind of modern "fingerprint
Letters providing evidence?
Molecule with A, C, T and G
Paternity identifier: Abbr.
Ticker symbol for Genentech
Crime scene evidence, often
Genetic information carrier
Important forensic evidence
Strands in a pool of blood?
Genetic code carrier: Abbr.
Crime lab evidence, briefly
Forensic ID check, ... test
'90's fingerprint for short
CSI" genetic evidence: Abbr.
Double helix molecule: Abbr.
Evidence acceptable in court
Evidence in a paternity case
Exoneration factor, at times
Genetic component, for short
Genetic engineering material
Genetic-fingerprint material
Heredity molecule, initially
It's stranded in police labs
Junk ___ (creationism topic)
Material in a cell's nucleus
Protein synthesizer in genes
Scientific discovery of 1869
Rosalind Franklin studied it
Subject for Watson and Crick
What's cloned during cloning
Common "CSI" evidence: Abbr.
Evidence in a paternity suit
Form of evidence, these days
Genetic code material: Abbr.
Hereditary factor, for short
Human genome project concern
The tiniest bit of evidence?
Paternity test sample: Abbr.
CSI" evidence, perhaps: Abbr.
Code used in many court cases
Double-helix genetic material
Evidence in some exonerations
Evidence that no one disputes
Genentech's apt ticker symbol
Main component of chromosomes
Modern evidence type, briefly
Source of genetic info: Abbr.
What many markers are made of
Xzibit song used for testing?
Biological blueprint, briefly
Evidence from a hairsplitter?
Human Genome Project material
CSI" forensic evidence: Abbr.
Bit of genetic evidence: Abbr.
Evidence that's hard to refute
Genetic stuff used as evidence
It's replicated during mitosis
Letters that could finger you?
Modern means of identification
Modern trial evidence, perhaps
Basic biological matter: Abbr.
It's shared by identical twins
Paternity test evidence: Abbr.
High-tech "fingerprint": Abbr.
Apt ticker symbol for Genentech
Convincing evidence, these days
Criminologist's clue, for short
Evidence that is hard to refute
Evidence that may reopen a case
Little, twisted part of us all?
Material used in "Jurassic Park
Model project for science class
Substance of genetic importance
Watson and Crick's code letters
Evidence gathered by a CSI team
Watson and Crick's lab material
Part of a modern police database
Evidence that's hard to disprove
Evidence that's tough to dispute
Forensic investigator's molecule
Fossilized "Jurassic Park" stuff
Genetic evidence on "CSI": Abbr.
Its code uses just G, T, A and C
Kind of fingerprinting, nowadays
Material for forensic scientists
Modern crime-lab evidence: Abbr.
Paternity suit evidence, briefly
Basic biological material: Abbr.
Chromosome constituent, for short
Kind of evidence gathered in "CSI
Molecule that can form supercoils
Crime lab's genetic sample: Abbr.
Evidence that's tough to overcome
___ test (paternity case evidence)
Essence of a person, one might say
Evidence for determining paternity
Material that may cinch some suits
Evidence collected by a swab: Abbr.
Evidence in a paternity suit: Abbr.
Forensic evidence, sometimes: Abbr.
Hereditary material in cells: Abbr.
Initials linked to Watson and Crick
Innocence Project evidence, briefly
Kind of testing, in law enforcement
Something shared by identical twins
Strand studied in genetic genealogy
Evidence that puts many people away
Subject of the Human Genome Project
What identical twins have in common
Double-helix genetic material: Abbr.
Evidence obtained by swabbing: Abbr.
Genetic double-helix material: Abbr.
It takes the shape of a double helix
Material studied by Watson and Crick
Double-helix genetic molecule: Abbr.
New evidence in a cold case, perhaps
Essence of a federal profile database
It's stranded twice in every organism
Microscopic crime scene clue, briefly
Microscopic crime lab evidence: Abbr.
Perps often leave it at a crime scene
Crime scene evidence, sometimes: Abbr.
High-tech genetic "fingerprint": Abbr.
Modern crime scene evidence, for short
Some "CSI" microscopic evidence: Abbr.
Amber-preserved stuff in "Jurassic Park
Controversial courtroom evidence: abbr.
Fingerprint alternative, to a detective
Kendrick Lamar hit with a genetic title
Material at the basis of "Jurassic Park
A Flock of Seagulls biological song "___
Biological evidence in a crime lab: Abbr.
Evidence that's extremely hard to dispute
Genetic material examined in "CSI": Abbr.
Genetic material in a double helix: Abbr.
Subj. of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Medicine
Genetic evidence used in crime labs: Abbr.
Genetic evidence collected by a swab: Abbr.
Genetic evidence in a paternity test: Abbr.
Genetic material in a paternity suit: Abbr.
Subject of the 1962 Nobel Prize in Medicine
It may be used against you in a court of law
___ lab (place for studying genetic samples)
It was Genentech's stock ticker symbol, aptly
Genetic material tested in a crime lab: Abbr.
Abbreviation that can follow junk or satellite
Genetic evidence analyzed in crime labs: Abbr.
Biological evidence obtained with a swab: Abbr.
Hereditary material in a living organism: Abbr.
Forensic evidence found in hair follicles: Abbr.
It was first correctly modeled in "Nature" (1953)
Genetic material tested in a paternity suit: Abbr.
What might reveal the answer to "Who's your daddy?
Material studied in the Human Genome Project: Abbr.
Fundamental molecules in a double helix shape: Abbr.
Something that might be left at the scene of a crime
Genetic evidence used in modern forensic science: Abbr.
It's often used to determine paternity on "Maury": Abbr.
Genetic molecule whose full name is 20 letters long: Abbr.
Genetic substance that may be entered into evidence: Abbr.
Genetic material evaluated by 23andMe and Ancestry.com: Abbr.
Bit of biological evidence left at a crime scene, maybe: Abbr.
Genetic substance that may be used as evidence in court: Abbr.
Biological evidence that might be analyzed in a crime lab: Abbr.
Molecule for which Linus Pauling proposed a triple-stranded structure
Genetic material that holds information about your ethnic origins: Abbr.
Project ___ ("Big Brother" twist featuring half siblings who'd never met and a pair of swapping twins)
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