258 clues
Way in
Way out?
A way in
Car part.
Knob site
Room part
A way out
Garage ___
French ___
One way in
Sliding __
Screen ___
The way in
Kind of man
Entry point
Get in here
Room portal
Type of mat
Wis. county
Kind of mat
Room access
Gateway ___
Easy way out
Entrance way
Hinged thing
In ___ place
Lock's place
Transom site
Wreath place
Armoire part
Access point
Jamb's place
Key location
Cabinet part
Mailbox part
Kind of prize
Elevator part
Come in here?
Mode of entry
Room entrance
Room opening?
Access method
Postern, e.g.
Way out or in
Cupboard part
French window
Way in or out
Cubicle's lack
Dutch or front
Rapper's place
Revolving item
Rood reversal?
Bouncer's post
Mail-slot spot
Saloon swinger
Way out, maybe
Point of entry
It's in a jamb
Means of access
Means of escape
Big Deal choice
Building access
Common entrance
Departure point
Dutch or French
Foot in the ___
French or Dutch
Open ___ policy
Place for a mat
Rapper's locale
Swinger at home
Way into a room
Armoire feature
Cabinet feature
Knocker's place
Means of egress
Spot for a slot
Site for a bell
Access or egress
Entrance allower
Entrance blocker
It may be a trap
It might be ajar
Place for a knob
Place for a bell
Transom's locale
Peephole's place
A jar, sometimes?
Bouncer's station
Building entrance
Egress or ingress
It can be cracked
Morrison's backup
Slammer's victim?
Sliding glass ___
Spot for a wreath
Next-___ neighbor
Way in or way out
Elevator entryway
Revolver, perhaps
Visitor announcer
Escape hatch e.g.
It's shown to some
Item often knobbed
Item often slammed
Knob or mat leader
Site of a peephole
Jim Morrison, e.g.
Place for a rapper
Revolver of a sort
French or revolving
It can open for you
It helps you get in
It may be in a jamb
It's open and shut?
It's on the way out
One can be shown it
Part of a coupe duo
Place for a keyhole
Place to give a rap
Something in a jamb
Where to give a rap
You may be shown it
Wreath-hanging site
Monty Hall offering
Place for a knocker
One might be cracked
Advent calendar part
Battering-ram target
Spot for a mail slot
Way out of the house
It's opened and shut
Site of MEN or WOMEN
Place for a peephole
Word with man or mat
Cuckoo clock feature
Cabinet's moving part
Clue game board space
It comes with a catch
It could be revolving
It's always in a jamb
Kind of prize or post
Kind of employed "man
One of a coupe's pair
Place for a mail slot
Symbol of opportunity
Word with bell or man
Word with way or step
Battering ram's target
Car part with a handle
MEN or WOMEN hang here
Tent flap, essentially
What an ostiary guards
What to show intruders
When one __ closes ...
Word with fire or trap
It may be cracked open
Updike's "The Same ___
It may get into a jamb
Let us ___ die!": Burns
House blueprint feature
It can be open and shut
One can be shown to you
Ozzy opens a "Trap" one
Start with step or stop
Word with barn or storm
Word with post or prize
Knockin' on Heaven's ___
No Solicitors" sign spot
Dutch or French follower
It may be French or open
It might be shown to you
Lead-in for step or stop
One of Morrison's group?
Opportunity, in metaphor
What to show an intruder
Word with chain or prize
Word with prize or check
Word with "knob" or "mat
Opportunity, so to speak
Let's Make a Deal" choice
Let's Make a Deal" option
It might swing or revolve
Kind of knob, man or nail
Opportunity, figuratively
Word with Dutch or French
Word with front or pocket
It could swing or revolve
Arctic Monkeys "Secret ___
It may be barred or bolted
It might have golden locks
Word after stage or screen
You might get a foot in it
Visitors might knock on it
Let's Make a Deal" offering
Metaphor for an opportunity
Place to keep the wolf from
Opportunity, metaphorically
Feature of an exit strategy?
Theatre rear exit, stage ...
It may be French or Venetian
Word with "French" or "stage
Choice on "Let's Make a Deal
Alternative to dangling beads
An angry person might slam it
Location of a "Keep Out" sign
Place for a knocker or a bell
What you open to leave a room
Zep's "In Through the Out ___
Stage ___," Ginger Rogers film
Who's that knocking at my ___?
Place for a mail slot, perhaps
Portal of opportunity, perhaps
Welcome mat's place, typically
Word with ''step'' or ''stop''
''Let's Make a Deal'' selection
Any of Jim Morrison's bandmates
It might be sliding or revolving
Nick Cave band The Boys Next ___
Place to hang a Christmas wreath
What to show an unwanted visitor
Back or front entrance to a house
French ___ (glass-paneled opener)
What bouncers show you, with "the
It's implicit in knock-knock jokes
One of three on "Let's Make a Deal
O'Keeffe's "Farmhouse Window and ___
A welcome mat might be in front of one
It's implicit in all knock-knock jokes
What you open to pull into your garage
It may be sliding, swinging or revolving
Don't let the ___ hit you on the way out!
Knockin' on Heaven's ___" (Bob Dylan hit)
Word that can follow "screen" or "sliding
Its very existence is an open-and-shut case
Repeated word for The Boys Next Door '79 album
Something most people go through at some point
REO Speedwagon is going to come crashing through it
Passageway from the "Monsters, Inc." world to our world
If opportunity doesn't knock, build a ___": Milton Berle
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