1199 clues
PA port
Pa. city
NY canal
Big lake
Lake port
Lake city
U.S. lake
Ohio lake
Penn. city
Canal city
Canal zone
Canal site
Lake tribe
Ohio tribe
1825 canal
Diva Mills
HOMES body
HOMES unit
HOMES word
Large lake
Pa. county
U. S. lake
U.S. canal
HOMES lake
Great one?
Seneca foe
Great lake
Penna. city
One of five
No clue ...
Soft cheese
City in Pa.
Ohio native
HOMES" part
Lakes tribe
N. Y. canal
N.Y. Indian
Ohio Indian
Port in Pa.
Weird lake?
Lake Indian
N.Y. county
Ohio county
Famed canal
Penna. port
Noted canal
Border lake
U.S. Indian
Eastern port
U. S. Indian
A "long tail
Canal of Sal
Creepy lake?
HOMES fourth
Lake or port
Lakes Indian
Perry locale
Perry's lake
Sal's canal?
A U.S. canal
Buffalo body
Buffalo lake
Lake Amerind
Lake or city
Seneca's foe
Border water
Fabled canal
City or lake
Albany canal
An Iroquoian
HOMES member
Indian tribe
Iroquois foe
Famous canal
A Great Lake
Eastern tribe
Buffalo canal
Canal or port
City or canal
Indians' lake
Pa. lake port
Snowbelt city
Tribe or lake
Wyandot's kin
Canal for Sal
Canal of Rome
HOMES element
I-79 terminus
Lake in HOMES
New York port
Notable canal
Canal or city
Lake or tribe
Soprano Mills
Storied canal
American lake
Buffalo water
Lorain's lake
Indian tongue
Buffalo shore
Canal or lake
Euclid's lake
Lake or canal
Toledo's lake
Canal of song
City in Kansas
The Cat Nation
___ Lackawanna
Cherokees' kin
Early American
Gannon U. site
Gould railroad
Huron's cousin
Iroquois enemy
Lake by Euclid
Lakeside tribe
Ontario feeder
Puzzler's lake
Spooky Indian?
Superior mate?
View from I-90
American canal
American tribe
Buffalo county
Buffalo waters
Dunkirk's lake
Eastern Indian
Jolliet's lake
One Great Lake
River or canal
Rust Belt city
Toledo's vista
City in Penna.
Lake or Indian
Niagara source
Rust Belt port
Sandusky sight
Toledo's water
Historic canal
Albany's canal
Iroquois tribe
Huron neighbor
New York canal
Buffalo's lake
American Indian
Iroquoian group
Iroquoian tribe
Clinton's canal
A lake or canal
Buffalo's vista
Canal at Albany
Canal near Rome
Eastern Amerind
Fisk's railroad
Fort ____, Ont.
Indian or canal
Lake by Ontario
Major U.S. lake
Maumee's outlet
Penn State city
Put-in-Bay lake
Where I-79 ends
Canal in a song
Great Lake city
Great Lake port
One of the five
Buffalo's water
Canal or Indian
Foe of a Seneca
New York Indian
Great Lake name
HOMES component
Buffalo's canal
Fourth of HOMES
Canal of renown
New York county
Iroquoian tongue
Great Lakes port
Cat Nation tribe
Iroquois enemies
Iroquoian people
Amerind or canal
An Iroquoian map
Another Pa. city
Canal by Buffalo
Canal of songdom
Canal since 1817
Lake at SE Mich.
Lake below Huron
Lake near London
Northeast Indian
One of the HOMES
Pennsylvania ___
Perry's conquest
Railroad or lake
Sandusky's lake.
Seneca foe, 1653
The 'E' of HOMES
U.S. border lake
Vermilion's lake
Water by Buffalo
15 miles of song
County in Penna.
Great Lakes lake
Lake by the Jake
Ohio border lake
Wyandot's cousin
Mule Sal's canal
Spooky waterway?
1813 battle site
Cleveland Indian
Small Great Lake
Iroquoian Indian
Canal to Buffalo
Great Lakes name
Buffalo's waters
Coloratura Mills
View from Toledo
Niagara's source
War of 1812 lake
Great Lakes city
Ontario neighbor
War of 1812 port
Ashtabula's lake
Cleveland's lake
Pennsylvania city
One of the Greats
Great Lakes tribe
The Flagship City
Cat Nation people
Pennsylvania port
Dead Sea" of U.S.
Ashtabula's water
Battle site: 1813
Buffalo's country
Canal near Canada
Canal of New York
Canal or railroad
Certain Iroquoian
Huron's neighbor.
Lake near a falls
Lake that's great
Maumee Bay's lake
Mohawk's relative
Northern waterway
Ohio Indian, once
Pa. lakeside city
Pa. port of entry
Perry battle site
Perry Square city
Presque Isle port
Site of Gannon U.
Waters by Buffalo
Cat Nation member
Foe of the Seneca
Huron's neighbour
It borders Toledo
Jolliet discovery
Pennsylvania lake
Presque Isle lake
Sandusky Bay lake
Sight from Toledo
Canal from Albany
Maumee Bay feeder
Old railroad name
Ontario neighbour
Canal in New York
Cleveland's water
Cuyahoga's outlet
One of five lakes
View from Buffalo
Ohio's Great Lake
Put-in-Bay's lake
City near Buffalo
Superior neighbor
Sandusky's county
Native New Yorker
Quaker State city
Quaker State port
Lackawanna's lake
Lake near Buffalo
Iroquoian language
Another HOMES part
Ashtabula abuts it
Bass Islands' lake
Big name in canals
Buffalo's backdrop
Buffalo’s county
I-90 runs along it
Lackawanna partner
Lake above Ontario
Lake of Lackawanna
Lake to the Hudson
Northeastern canal
One of "H.O.M.E.S.
One of five bodies
One-consonant lake
Ontario-Huron link
Ontario's Fort ___
Pennsyl-vania port
Point Pelee's lake
Put-in-Bay's place
Shallowest of five
Site of Put-In Bay
Three-voweled lake
Welland Canal lake
Cedar Point's lake
Hudson River canal
The ''E'' in HOMES
View from Sandusky
Cleveland's waters
Empire State canal
Jay Gould railroad
Lake north of Ohio
Perry victory site
City SW of Buffalo
Neighbour of Huron
Ontario's neighbor
Sight from Buffalo
Superior relative?
War of 1812 locale
Clinton's waterway
Buffalo water hole
Keystone State city
Superior's inferior
View from Cleveland
''Clinton's Ditch''
A neighbor of Huron
Barge canal in N.Y.
Body Joliet sighted
Border lake orcanal
Canal or Great Lake
Canal with 35 locks
Canal with 36 locks
Clinton's Big Ditch
Euclid, Ohio's lake
Fort _____, Ontario
Great Lake or canal
Homophone for eerie
Lake by Huron, Ohio
Lake, canal or city
Large northern lake
Lorain, Ohio's lake
Neighbor of Ontario
New York's __ Canal
One of five "Greats
Part of "H.O.M.E.S.
Perry Square locale
Put-in-Bay's locale
Relative of a Huron
Sal's canal of song
View from Ashtabula
Waters near Buffalo
Battle site of 1813
Canal, lake or city
Lake in four states
Lake near Cleveland
O'Neill's ___ Smith
One of a great five
Ontario border lake
Presque Isle locale
Waterway by Buffalo
Barge canal of song
Foe of the Iroquois
Lake beside Buffalo
North American lake
Presque Isle's lake
Water beside Toledo
Canal to the Hudson
Pelee Island's lake
Pennsylvania county
Scary-sounding lake
Sight from Sandusky
Lake bordering Ohio
Toledo's waterfront
Lake, city or canal
Keystone State port
City of Pennsylvania
Sal the mule's canal
300+-mile-long canal
A U.S. lake or canal
Albany-Buffalo canal
Ashtabula waterfront
Border lake or canal
Buckeye State county
Buffalo's Great Lake
Canal past Rochester
City NW of Johnstown
City on a Great Lake
Detroit River's lake
Feeder of Maumee Bay
Fourth part of HOMES
Lake ___ Beach, N.Y.
Lake 240 miles long.
Lake west of Ontario
Lakeside Ohio county
Like Hitchcock films
New York border lake
One of five expanses
One of five on a map
Perry's victory site
Perry's headquarters
Port of entry in Pa.
Sal's canal, in song
Southwest of Ontario
Spooky-sounding city
Tribe native to Ohio
Water east of Toledo
Weird-sounding lake?
Where Put-in-Bay is.
Canadian border lake
Creepy-sounding lake
Eastern city on I-90
Extinct Indian group
Lake near Chautauqua
Niagara Falls source
Port in Pennsylvania
Sight from Cleveland
Water beside Buffalo
Welland Canal outlet
First American canal
Ohio-Ontario divider
Perry Square setting
Port on its own lake
City on its own lake
Detroit River outlet
Lackawanna's partner
Niagara River feeder
Canal opened in 1825
Niagara Falls feeder
Jay Gould's railroad
New York state canal
Port of Pennsylvania
Buffalo's waterfront
Niagara River source
City in Pennsylvania.
Great" quintet member
Big name in railroads
County in Pa. or N.Y.
Enemy of the Iroquois
Euclid, Ohio's waters
Haunted-sounding lake
Keystone State county
Lake adjoining Toledo
Lake Huron's neighbor
Lake view from Toledo
Lakewood, Ohio's lake
One of a lake quintet
Part of a wet quintet
Presque Isle Bay city
Presque Isle Bay port
Sal the mule's domain
Sandusky River's lake
Sandusky's waterfront
Spooky-sounding lake?
View from Huron, Ohio
Weird sounding canal?
Where Perry Square is
Where Perry won: 1813
Canal started in 1817
Classic railroad name
Cuyahoga River outlet
Lake seen from Toledo
Large freshwater lake
Pennsylvania neighbor
Where Perry prevailed
Canal of Sal, in song
Clinton's Folly canal
Lake beside Cleveland
Old name in railroads
Source of the Niagara
Strange-sounding lake
Where Perry triumphed
Part of Ohio's border
Shallowest Great Lake
__ Lackawanna Railroad
Lake effect snow" city
1813 naval battle site
Behrend College locale
Body that sounds scary
Buffalo's shore front.
City near Presque Isle
Cleveland's Great Lake
County west of Wyoming
Detroit River's outlet
Eponymous Indian tribe
Expanse north of Akron
Fort Presque Isle site
Gannon University home
Lake adjoining Ontario
Lake bordering Buffalo
Lake by Lakewood, Ohio
Lake fed by the Maumee
Lake near Jacobs Field
Lake near Lake Ontario
Lake next to Avon Lake
Lake next to Cleveland
Lake north of Sandusky
Lake of an 1813 battle
Lake that borders Ohio
Neighbour of Ontario
Niagara River's feeder
Ohio-Ontario separator
Ohio/Ontario separator
One of the "Long Tails
One of the Lower Lakes
Penn State branch site
Pennsylvania lake city
Sal's canal, in a song
Sandusky County's lake
Toledo's body of water
View from Presque Isle
Vowel-heavy Great Lake
Canal finished in 1825
It feeds Niagara Falls
Lake that sounds weird
One of a great quintet
One of the HOMES lakes
Strange-sounding city?
War of 1812 siege site
Commodore Perry's lake
Former lakeshore tribe
Gannon University city
Niagara River's source
One of a noted quintet
Lake-effect snow" lake
Ashtabula's waterfront
Gannon University site
Lake named for a tribe
Lake bordering Ontario
One of five Great ones
Pennsylvania lake port
Welland Canal terminus
Cleveland's waterfront
Pennsylvania port city
DeWitt Clinton's canal
One of the Great Lakes
Enemies of the Iroquois
County south of Niagara
Railroad, lake or canal
___ Railroad, 1832-1960
Great lake" for sailing
19th century canal name
A city, county or lake.
Albany-to-Buffalo route
Big name in railroading
Canal or county in N.Y.
Canal serving Rochester
City in Keystone State.
City in NW Pennsylvania
City of NW Pennsylvania
City on a namesake lake
Clinton's Ditch (canal)
County east of Sandusky
De Witt Clinton's canal
Eastern Woodlands tribe
Great Lake with walleye
It's at one end of I-79
It's great for boating?
Lake bordering New York
Lake in U.S. and Canada
Lake north of Cleveland
Lake southeast of Huron
Mercyhurst College city
Naval battle site: 1813
North American language
Ohio or New York county
Old name in railroading
Old Ohio/New York tribe
One of the "Great" ones
One of the five "Greats
Onetime New York Indian
Port north of Meadville
Shipwreck divers' mecca
Smallest of five Greats
Superior's wet inferior
Upstate New York county
Waterway in a folk song
___ Smith, O'Neill hero
Buffalo is on its shore
County of northern Ohio
Lake that sounds creepy
Lake that sounds spooky
Ohio's Lake ___ College
Shallowest HOMES member
Source of Niagara Falls
Strange-sounding canal?
Water that sounds weird
Lake where Perry fought
Name of a lake or canal
Northeastern U.S. canal
Western New York county
Buffalo-to-Albany canal
Buffalo's body of water
One of a watery quintet
Mercyhurst College site
Canal completed in 1825
U.S.-Canada border lake
War of 1812 battle site
Albany-to-Buffalo canal
Lake near Niagara Falls
Southernmost Great Lake
_____ Lackawanna Railway
A Penn State campus city
A Penn State campus site
Base for Commodore Perry
Beaver Wars participants
Canal for Sal, in a song
City in the Quaker State
County east of Ashtabula
De Witt Clinton's "ditch
Gannon University locale
Gannon University's home
Hometown of Larry Holmes
I-79's northern terminus
It's fed by the Cuyahoga
It's southeast of London
Lake adjoining Cleveland
Lake of the Bass Islands
Lake port, pop. 130,803.
Lake that sounds strange
Pennsylvania border lake
Pennsylvania's lake port
Port north of Pittsburgh
Scene of Perry's heroism
Scene of Perry's triumph
Shortest Great Lake name
Source for Niagara Falls
The Huron River feeds it
U.S. Brig Niagara's port
USS Niagara docking site
Water near Niagara Falls
Western New York natives
Buffalo's county or lake
Detroit River's terminus
Joliet discovery of 1669
Member of the Cat Nation
Name of a lake and canal
One of a notable quintet
Pennsylvania's "Gem City
Scene of Perry's victory
Villa Maria College site
Battle of Lake ___: 1813
View from Sandusky, Ohio
Jolliet's 1669 discovery
U.S. port, or its locale
City on Presque Isle Bay
Pennsylvania harbor city
City north of Pittsburgh
Northern terminus of I-79
15 miles on the ___ Canal
1813's Battle of Lake ___
Buffalo's county and lake
Buffalo's lake and county
Canal through Oneida Lake
City near Chautauqua Lake
City or lake near Buffalo
Detroit River destination
DeWitt Clinton's waterway
His name means "long tail
It's larger than Ontario.
It's southwest of Buffalo
Jay Gould's train company
Lake ___, south of London
Lake that borders Ontario
Large North American lake
Mentor-on-the-Lake's lake
Member of a noted quintet
Oliver Perry victory site
Railroad launched in 1851
Site of 1813 naval battle
War of 1812 battle locale
Water due south of London
Where Toledans go sailing
A great lake for sailing?
Canal that opened in 1825
City on a same-named lake
Cleveland's body of water
Great Lake near Cleveland
Lake port of Pennsylvania
Naval battle site of 1813
Port city in Pennsylvania
Port city of Pennsylvania
Mistake by the lake" lake
City not far from Buffalo
Great Lake bordering Ohio
It's inferior to Superior
Lake that borders Buffalo
Lake touching four states
Home of Gannon University
City southwest of Buffalo
The shallowest Great Lake
Canal to the Hudson River
Shortest-named Great Lake
Fourth-largest Great Lake
___ Railroad, founded 1832
Birthplace of Billy Blanks
Body of water near Buffalo
Creepy-sounding lake name?
Creepy-sounding Great Lake
Fourth in a moist mnemonic
Gannon University location
High-snowfall Eastern city
Jay Gould's railroad, once
Lake ___, 1813 battle site
Lake along which I-90 runs
Lake in a classic mnemonic
Lake that sounds scary [E]
Lake where Perry prevailed
Lake where Perry triumphed
Lakeside Pennsylvania city
Mercyhurst University city
New York State's ___ Canal
Ohio county north of Huron
Part of the HOMES mnemonic
Second-smallest Great Lake
Site of many eerie mishaps
Spooky-sounding Great Lake
Victims of the Beaver Wars
Canal from the Great Lakes
City in the Keystone State
Pennsylvania snowbelt city
Port in the Keystone State
Strange-sounding waterway?
Warmest of the Great Lakes
Canal with a mule, in song
Railroad chartered in 1832
Admiral Perry victory site
Site of Mercyhurst College
Lake bordering four states
Part of the mnemonic HOMES
City on its own Great Lake
that thing you do!" setting
Battle site: Sept. 10, 1813
Canal with a mule named Sal
Canal with thirty-six locks
City near Fort Presque Isle
City that sounds mysterious
Fifth largest Canadian lake
Huron and Ontario connector
Indian of a New York region
Lake near Buffalo, New York
Lake near Progressive Field
Lake on our northern border
Lake seen at Lakewood, Ohio
Lake seen from Euclid, Ohio
Language related to Wyandot
Neighbor of Chautauqua Lake
Niagara River's lake source
Old Buffalo-to-Albany canal
One of a well-known quintet
One of five great waterways
Pa.'s only Great Lakes port
Pennsylvania city or county
Port that's on its own lake
Water bordering four states
Where Perry triumphed: 1813
County name in three states
Lake in view from Cleveland
Lake that sounds mysterious
One of five bodies of water
Only four-letter Great Lake
Lake south of Niagara Falls
Northwest Pennsylvania city
One of the five Great Lakes
Site of Villa Maria College
Smallest of the Great Lakes
Detroit River's destination
Source of the Niagara River
Lake fed by the Maumee River
Walleye Capital of the World
We have met the enemy" there
1669 sight for Louis Jolliet
1669 Louis Jolliet discovery
1960 railroad merger company
City facing Presque Isle Bay
Cuyahoga River's destination
Erstwhile Iroquoian language
Great Lake named for a tribe
It's due north of Pittsburgh
Lake in an old railroad name
Railroad guided by Jay Gould
Railroad that failed in 1861
Site of the Cuyahoga's mouth
Upstate New York's ___ Canal
Commodore Perry victory site
Great Lake bordering Buffalo
Mercyhurst University's city
One of Jay Gould's railroads
Shallowest of the Great ones
Where the Detroit River ends
Great Lake that borders Ohio
Home port of the USS Niagara
City with a Penn State campus
Buffalo-to-Albany watercourse
Canal called "Clinton's Ditch
Canal with just one consonant
Home port for the USS Niagara
Lackawanna's railroad partner
Lake between Ontario and Ohio
Lake fed by the Detroit River
Lake surrounding Pelee Island
Name of a noted canal or lake
Port city north of Pittsburgh
Site of Perry's naval victory
Site of Perry's victory, 1813
Smallest Great Lake in volume
Southernmost of a wet quintet
The "E" in the HOMES mnemonic
They warred with the Iroquois
Tribe in the Great Lakes area
Tribe with palisaded villages
War of 1812 shipbuilding port
___ Canal (New York waterway)
Great Lake bordering New York
Lake between Ohio and Ontario
Neighbor of Ontario and Huron
New York canal opened in 1825
Northwest Pennsylvania county
Part of Pennsylvania's border
Pennsylvania port or its lake
Pennsylvania's "Flagship City
Port city or the lake it's on
Canal called "Clinton's Folly
Smallest Great Lake by volume
Lake that feeds Niagara Falls
Great Lake near Niagara Falls
Shallowest of the Great Lakes
Body between Huron and Ontario
Canal backed by DeWitt Clinton
City named for an Indian group
Commodore Perry's victory site
Great Lake above Niagara Falls
Home of the Double-A SeaWolves
Lake ___, home of Presque Isle
Lake between Canada and the US
Lake connected to Sandusky Bay
Lake fed by the Cuyahoga River
Lake fed by the Sandusky River
Lake on Ohio's northern border
Lake on the Pennsylvania coast
Part of N.Y. State Barge Canal
Part of the U.S./Canada border
Pennsylvania industrial center
Railroad associated with Gould
Railroad name starting in 1832
Scene of Perry's victory: 1813
Seat of Kansas's Neosho County
Setting of "That Thing You Do!
Source of Niagara Falls' water
Stop on the Lake Shore Limited
It's between Huron and Ontario
Lake in four states and Canada
Lake surrounding Mohawk Island
Large lake named after a tribe
Northwestern Pennsylvania city
Tribe defeated by the Iroquois
City of northwest Pennsylvania
Commodore Perry's headquarters
Great Lake bordering Cleveland
Lake feeding the Niagara River
Presque Isle State Park's lake
Lake between Ontario and Huron
Lake named for an Indian tribe
Lake southwest of Lake Ontario
Railroad directed by Jay Gould
Lake between Huron and Ontario
Pennsylvania city, or its lake
City known for lake-effect snow
Great Lake that borders Buffalo
Iroquois foe in the Beaver Wars
It's down the lake from Buffalo
Jay Gould's railroad: 1867–72
Lake __ College, near Cleveland
Lake linked to the Hudson River
Lake not far from Niagara Falls
Lake seen from Monroe, Michigan
Lake surrounding Kelleys Island
Losing tribe in the Beaver Wars
Name of a Great Lake or a canal
Participants in the Beaver Wars
Pennsylvania county or its seat
Shallowest of the HOMES quintet
The Detroit River flows into it
Where Commodore Perry prevailed
City on a lake of the same name
Pennsylvania's Great Lakes port
Louis Jolliet discovery of 1669
Pennsylvania or New York county
Tribe once found around Buffalo
Great Lake touching four states
Port on a lake of the same name
Southernmost of the Great Lakes
___ Lackawanna (bygone railroad)
Canal in the Ramones' home state
Former tribe in western New York
Indian of the Great Lakes region
Lake on Michigan's state quarter
Lake that flows into the Niagara
Most of Ohio's northern boundary
New York's shortest-named county
Northwestern Pennsylvania county
Oliver Hazard Perry victory site
Pennsylvania city near Cleveland
Pennsylvania port, or its waters
Where "We have met the enemy ...
Where ships for Perry were built
Great Lake bordering four states
New York county south of Niagara
Northernmost Pennsylvania county
Pennsylvania county, or its lake
Tribe also called the Cat Nation
Lake named after an Indian tribe
First Great Lake, alphabetically
Tribe whose name means "long tail
Low bridge! Everyone down!" canal
Canada's Battle of Fort ___, 1866
Canal designed by Benjamin Wright
Canal that needed Clinton's clout
Great Lake bordering Pennsylvania
Great Lakes / Atlantic Ocean link
It's part of four states' borders
Lackawanna's partner in railroads
Lake on New York's western border
Lake site of a War of 1812 battle
Part of Ontario's southern border
Pennsylvania city by a Great Lake
People also called the Cat Nation
Railroad manipulated by Jay Gould
Railroad once headed by Jay Gould
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's lake
The "E" of the old NY&E Rail Road
Tribe for which a canal was named
Water between Buffalo and Toledo.
City of northwestern Pennsylvania
Fourth-largest of the Great Lakes
Great Lake that borders Cleveland
Lake on the border of four states
Port 'twixt Buffalo and Cleveland
Spooky-sounding Pennsylvania city
View from Presque Isle State Park
Canal that Sal worked on, in song
Lake that can be seen from Toledo
City near Presque Isle State Park
Great Lake with the shortest name
Lake the Detroit River flows into
Lake that feeds the Niagara River
A body on Canada's southern border
Canal that originally had 83 locks
City 117 miles north of Pittsburgh
City between Buffalo and Cleveland
City in the minors' Eastern League
County in Pennsylvania or New York
Great Lake of Toledo and Cleveland
Home port of the U.S. brig Niagara
Lake ___, home of the Bass Islands
Lake on four states and a province
Lake on the U.S.-Canadian boundary
Lake where Perry prevailed in 1813
New York canal that opened in 1825
One of the Niagara River's sources
Pennsylvania city of about 100,000
Pennsylvania city, or a Great Lake
Pennsylvania's fourth largest city
Port with lots of lake-effect snow
Site of a War of 1812 naval battle
Tribe whose name means "cat people
City between Cleveland and Buffalo
Eleventh largest lake in the world
Pennsylvania city named for a lake
... fifteen miles on the ___ Canal
Pennsylvania's northernmost county
Low bridge! Everybody down!" canal
Port between Buffalo and Cleveland
___ Times-News (Pennsylvania paper)
Canal that cost $7,143,789 to build
Canal that traverses New York State
Discovery some attribute to Jolliet
Fourth-largest city in Pennsylvania
Great Lake that borders four states
Great Lake that touches four states
Its main inlet is the Detroit River
Lackawanna's partner in railroading
Lake that borders Ohio to the north
New York canal or Pennsylvania city
Site of fighting in the War of 1812
Tribe that lent its name to a canal
Western terminus of Clinton's ditch
Great Lake fed by the Detroit River
Lake that borders Buffalo, New York
One of a noted geographical quintet
Pennsylvania city or New York canal
Where Oliver Hazard Perry prevailed
Stop on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited
___ quenelle (Pa. poached dumpling?)
City of 100,000+ or the lake it's on
Great Lake on Ohio's northern border
Home of Presque Isle Downs racetrack
Home port of the brigantine "Niagara
Lake ___, discovery of Louis Jolliet
Lake at one end of the Niagara River
Lake at southernmost point of Canada
Lake connected with lake-effect snow
Lake into which the Cuyahoga empties
Lake named for a Pennsylvania people
Lake that Ohio's Lake County borders
Northwesternmost Pennsylvania county
Pennsylvania's only Great Lakes port
The "E" in the mnemonic device HOMES
Great Lake between Huron and Ontario
Lake ___, outlet of the Maumee River
Lake that the Huron River flows into
All-America City Award winner of 1972
Canal that traverses the Empire State
Eastern city whose name sounds weird?
Great Lake that Ohioans might sail on
Home of Double-A baseball's SeaWolves
Home of Pennsylvania's Millcreek Mall
Home of the reconstructed USS Niagara
Home to Double-A baseball's SeaWolves
Lake ___, source of the Niagara River
Pennsylvania city north of Pittsburgh
Pennsylvania city or the lake it's on
Pennsylvania county or New York canal
Smallest of the Great Lakes by volume
Where the British lost to Perry: 1813
New York county whose seat is Buffalo
Springsteen's Seeger cover "___ Canal
___ Canal (Albany-to-Buffalo waterway)
15 miles of it are mentioned in a song
City seen from Presque Isle State Park
Eastern tribe overcome by the Iroquois
Lake by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Lake that flows into the Niagara River
Lake that touches New York and Ontario
Lake with the legendary monster Bessie
Native Americans whose name means "cat
New York county on the Canadian border
Pennsylvania city on a same-named lake
View from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Crossword constructor's favorite canal
Pennsylvania's northwesternmost county
___ Canal, waterway through Schenectady
City across the state from Philadelphia
City on Amtrak's Boston-to-Chicago line
Famous canal in the Ramones' home state
Home of the Freeze indoor football team
Insurance company based in Pennsylvania
Lake from which the Niagara River flows
Lake next to Cedar Point amusement park
Location of Penn State Behrend's campus
New York tribe defeated by the Iroquois
New York's most populous upstate county
Northwesternmost county in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania city that's near Cleveland
Source of lake effect snow in Cleveland
The Maumee flows northeast to this lake
Tribe once found around the Great Lakes
City about 120 miles north of Pittsburgh
County in both Pennsylvania and New York
County in New York, Ohio or Pennsylvania
Great Lake that drains via Niagara Falls
Home of the Presque Isle Downs racetrack
It's about 115 miles north of Pittsburgh
Most populous county in upstate New York
Site of Penn State's northernmost campus
Lake near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
City that's home to the U.S. Brig Niagara
Fort ___, captured by U.S. forces in 1814
Great Lake that borders Buffalo, New York
It's a two-hour drive north of Pittsburgh
Lake bordering four states and a province
Lake depicted on Michigan's state quarter
Lake where Perry achieved an 1813 victory
Second-smallest of a geographical quintet
Site of a significant War of 1812 victory
Stop on Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited route
The "E" in the Great Lakes mnemonic HOMES
What surrounds Canada's southernmost land
Only Great Lake spelled with four letters
Only Great Lake that borders Pennsylvania
Sight from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Canal depicted on New York's state quarter
Canal from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic
Great Lake bordering Cleveland and Buffalo
Lake that stretches from Toledo to Buffalo
New York and ___ Railroad, started in 1832
Pennsylvania city on a namesake Great Lake
County in New York, Ohio, and Pennsylvania
Second-smallest Great Lake in surface area
City where most of Perry's ships were built
Lake crossed traveling from Ohio to Ontario
Lake that sounds like a word meaning "scary
Only Great Lake whose name has four letters
Pennsylvania setting of "That Thing You Do!
Pennsylvania town that borders a Great Lake
Lake next to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Great Lake that borders Toledo and Cleveland
Great Lake that shares its name with a canal
Lake that sounds like a word meaning "spooky
Lake that's the outlet for the Detroit River
Lake visible from Cedar Point amusement park
One of the lakes on Michigan's state quarter
Pennsylvania city known for lake-effect snow
Pennsylvania port on the St. Lawrence Seaway
View from Canada's Point Pelee National Park
Lake surrounding Canada's southernmost point
Canal with a "low bridge" ("ev'rybody down!")
Great Lake that borders Cleveland and Buffalo
Lake into which Ohio's Cuyahoga River empties
Pennsylvania city subject to lake-effect snow
Pennsylvania city where Billy Blanks was born
Station served by Amtrak's Lake Shore Limited
That Great Lake you always find in crosswords
Lake seen from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Canal that parallels much of the Mohawk River
Great Lake near the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Home of Oliver Hazard Perry's flagship Niagara
Lake that contains Canada's southernmost point
Lake that borders the United States and Canada
Great Lake that's the "E" in the HOMES mnemonic
Lake adjacent to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Pennsylvania city that's near Buffalo, New York
Pennsylvania home of Waldameer Water World Park
Canal created to transport from upstate New York
Canal from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean
City where Perry's flagship Niagara is exhibited
Great Lake next to the Cleveland Browns' stadium
Great Lake that stretches from Toledo to Buffalo
Lake visible from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
One of the four Great Lakes that border Michigan
Canal connecting the Great Lakes to the Atlantic
Great Lake above New York, Pennsylvania, and Ohio
Great Lake above Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York
Great Lake between the Detroit and Niagara rivers
Port where Commodore Perry’s flagship is docked
City roughly halfway between Cleveland and Buffalo
Great Lake that sounds like a word meaning "spooky
Lake that sounds like an adjective meaning "creepy
Lake that sounds like an adjective meaning "spooky
Name of a Great Lake and a Pennsylvania city on it
Pennsylvania county that borders New York and Ohio
Second smallest of the Great Lakes in surface area
Lake that Canada's Point Pelee National Park is on
One of the lakes represented in the acronym "HOMES
Home to Bessie, a lake monster in American folklore
Lake that borders both Canada and the United States
Lake that borders both the United States and Canada
Of the Great Lakes, only Ontario is smaller than it
Canal that runs for over 500 miles in New York State
Insurance company based in northwestern Pennsylvania
Name of three counties on the U.S.'s northern border
Pennsylvania city where "That Thing You Do!" was set
Spoooooky Great Lake (if there was an extra E ha ha)
Great Lake that sounds like a synonym for "mysterious
Lake separated from Lake Ontario by the Niagara River
Name of counties in three states, all crossed by I-90
The Gem City, so-called because of its sparkling lake
Pennsylvania city whose motto is "Feel the Lake Effect
Lake that's adjacent to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Great Lake that makes up most of Ohio's northern border
Great Lake that borders Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York
Pennsylvania port city where "That Thing You Do!" is set
Pennsylvania city that shares its name with a Great Lake
Home to Jerry Uht Park, where the SeaWolves play baseball
___ Railroad Co. v. Tompkins (1938 Supreme Court decision)
Canal mentioned in the song “Low Bridge, Everybody Down”
Great Lake whose port cities include Cleveland and Buffalo
Rival of Altoona in minor league baseball's Eastern League
Great Lake that isn't Superior, Michigan, Huron, or Ontario
Great Lake that isn't Huron, Michigan, Ontario, or Superior
Great Lake that shares its name with a city in Pennsylvania
Railroad company known as "The scarlet woman of Wall Street
City in a county of the same name on a lake of the same name
Great Lake that shares its name with a Native American tribe
Lake that borders Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan
City that hosts the annual Roar on the Shore motorcycle rally
County of Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York, but no other states
___ Railroad Co. v. Tompkins (landmark 1938 Supreme Court case)
Double A baseball team in the Eastern League's Southern Division
Pennsylvania city that shares the name of the Great Lake it's on
Lake that's associated with Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Ontario
___ Canal (water route that links New York City to the Great Lakes)
___ Canal (waterway that connects a Great Lake to the Hudson River)
Great" body of water responsible for much New York lake-effect snow
Pennsylvania city that shares its name with the adjacent Great Lake
Canal about which the 1905 song "Low Bridge, Everybody Down" was written
Lake that's typically grouped with Superior, Michigan, Huron, and Ontario
___ Canal (waterway that connects a Great Lake to New York's Hudson River)
American lake every constructor is sick of cluing, and "American lake" was probably enough to give it to you, so screw it
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