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Mrs. Ponti
Sophia ____
Italian star
Movie beauty
Ponti's wife
Sophia, actor
Sultry Sophia
Signora Ponti
Italian beauty
Star from Rome
Ponti's Sophia
Ponti's spouse
Sophia of film
A lovely Sophia
Ponti's partner
Sophia of films
Legendary Sophia
'Houseboat' star
Filmdom's Sophia
'Two Women' star
1961 Best Actress
Sophia from Italy
Sophia of "Lady L
1961 Oscar winner
She played Lady L
Italian film name
Sophia of "El Cid
Two Women" actress
Best Actress: 1961
Star of "Two Women
Oscar winner: 1961
Screen star Sophia
Arabesque" actress
Best Actress Sophia
Scicolone on screen
Scicoloni on screen
Signorina Scicolone
Oscar-winner Sophia
A 1961 Oscar winner
Actress Sophia ____
Oscar winner of 1961
Best Actress of 1961
Oscar winner in 1961
Sophia of "Arabesque
Sophia of the screen
Screen legend Sophia
Judith" actress: 1965
Two Women" star, 1960
Actress in "Two Women
One of the "Two Women
She blossomed in Rome
Sophia of 'Two Women'
Cesira portrayer, 1960
Sophia of classic film
Italian actress Sophia
Woman in ''Two Women''
Two Women" star Sophia
'El Cid' co-star Sophia
The Millionairess" star
Actress Sophia of "Nine
“Nine” actress Sophia
Ponti's longtime spouse
Scicoloni on the screen
Day-Lewis' mom in "Nine
Two Women" co-star, 1961
Famed prisoner: May 1982
Heston's "El Cid" costar
Italian film star Sophia
Mrs. Ponti's maiden name
Sophia with a 1962 Oscar
Legendary actress Sophia
Italian "Cleopatra": 1954
Legendary Sophia of films
Two Women" actress Sophia
''Two Women'' Oscar winner
1961's Best Actress Sophia
Best Actress winner Sophia
Grant's "Houseboat" costar
Heston's costar in "El Cid
Rome-born film star Sophia
Scicoloni is her real name
Star of "The Millionairess
The Millionairess" actress
Frequent Mastroianni costar
Heston's co-star in "El Cid
She wrote "Women and Beauty
Sophia of "Man of La Mancha
Best Actress for "Two Women
Sophia of the silver screen
Grant's "Houseboat" co-star
Academy Award winner Sophia
Space Cowboys" actor __ Dean
Actress born Sofia Scicolone
She played Lady L in "Lady L
Frequent Mastroianni co-star
The Millionairess" star, 1960
Honorary Oscar winner of 1991
Legendary Oscar-winner Sophia
Frequent costar of Mastroianni
Name taken by Sophia Scicoloni
Oscar winner for ''Two Women''
''Marriage Italian Style'' star
Marriage Italian Style" actress
Honorary Oscar recipient of '91
Frequent co-star of Mastroianni
Costar of "Marriage Italian-Style
Sophia of "Marriage Italian-Style
Best Actress winner for "Two Women
Matthau's wife in "Grumpier Old Men
It Started in Naples" co-star Sophia
Matthau's seducer in "Grumpier Old Men
O'Toole's co-star in "Man of La Mancha
Oscar-winning actress of ''Two Women''
Matthau's bride in ''Grumpier Old Men''
Matthau's "Grumpier Old Men" love interest
1995 Cecil B. DeMille Award-winning actress
Millionairess portrayer in "The Millionairess
First Oscar winner for a foreign-language part
Winner of six David di Donatello acting awards
She said "Everything you see, I owe to spaghetti
Player of Cleopatra in "Two Nights With Cleopatra
Actress who is #21 on AFI's 100 Years... 100 Stars
First Oscar recipient for a non-English-speaking role
First actress to win an Oscar in a foreign-language film
Record six-time David di Donatello Award winner for Best Actress
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