318 clues
__ suit
Red suit
Red giant
Red head?
Red leader
___ Zedong
Chiang foe
Jacket type
Peking idol
Peking name
Ho supporter
Oriental name
Chinese name.
Chou's chief.
Far East name
He married He
Late Chairman
Peking leader
Peking V.I.P.
Red dictator.
Dead Red head
Late Red head
Asian leader?
Foe of Chiang
Kind of jacket
Warhol subject
Chinese leader
Noted chairman
Chinese V.I.P.
Red Army chief
China chairman
Long March VIP
Red Guard idol
Gnatlike insect
Chiang opponent
Former chairman
Jiang's husband
Famous chairman
Hua predecessor
Kipling peacock
Red Army leader
Red Guards idol
Red head, once?
1972 Nixon host
Cold war figure
Former Red head
Red Book" author
Chou's associate
Chou's colleague
Long March king?
Chiang's husband
Red head of yore
Chairman of note
Chiang adversary
Red Guard leader
Chinese chairman
Associate of Zhou
China chief, once
Historic chairman
Leader before Hua
Name in Communism
China's -- Zedong
Hua's predecessor
Chairman of China
1972 host to Nixon
Comrade of Chu Teh
Former Peking name
Memorable Oriental
Party boss in Asia
Forbidden City VIP
Red Guard promoter
Long march leader?
Late Chinese leader
Andy Warhol subject
'70s Chinese leader
Chairman from China
Chairman until 1976
Chiang contemporary
China's Chairman --
Chinese Red leader.
Famed Far East name
Kuomintang opponent
Leader with an -ism
Long March chairman
Oft-quoted Chairman
Out-of-style jacket
Red Guard supporter
Revolutionary figure
Revolutionary leader
Author of a red book
Chiang's overthrower
Contemporary of Zhou
Don DeLillo's "__ II
Famed Warhol subject
Former Chinese chief
Jiang Qing's husband
Much-quoted luminary
Red head with a mole
Red head, familiarly
ROC's first chairman
Noted Chinese leader
Noted Warhol subject
Little Red Book" name
1972 summit principal
Big name in communism
China's chairman once
China's late Chairman
Former Chinese V.I.P.
Little Red Book maker
Often-quoted chairman
Old Chinese "Chairman
The Long March leader
World leader, 1949-76
Nixon in China" tenor
Former Chinese leader
'60s Chinese chairman
Chinese leader Zedong
Chinese revolutionary
China's first Chairman
First name in chairmen
He married him in 1930
Infamous revolutionary
Little Red Book byline
Novel by F. Huch: 1907
Onetime Beijing bigwig
Onetime China Chairman
Portrait on paper yuan
___ II," DeLillo novel
Cultural Revolutionist
Long March participant
Nixon met him in China
VIP in China's history
Chinese Chairman, once
Onetime Chinese leader
Little Red Book" writer
Name in China's history
Famous Chinese chairman
Former Chinese dictator
Iconic Chinese Chairman
''Nixon in China'' role
Chairman of China, once
Great Leap Forward name
Longtime Chinese leader
Former Chinese chairman
Warhol serigraph subject
Long-time Chinese leader
'Little Red Book author'
Chinese chairman of yore
Erstwhile Asiatic bigwig
Erstwhile Chinese leader
Longtime leader of China
Tenor in "Nixon in China
Tiananmen Square honoree
Onetime Chinese chairman
China's Long March leader
Chinese currency portrait
Cultural Revolution chief
He met with Nixon in 1972
Image in Tiananmen Square
Legendary Chinesechairman
Nixon visited him in 1972
Tiananmen Square portrait
Chairman with a "Red Book
Great Leap Forward figure
One-time Chinese Chairman
Little Red Book" chairman
Longtime Chinese Chairman
Zedong in Chinese history
Card game with a "Chairman
China's legendary chairman
Cultural Revolution figure
Great Leap Forward creator
Long-time Chinese Chairman
Long March leader of China
Great Leap Forward" leader
Nixon met with him in 1972
Nixon in China" tenor role
Cultural Revolution leader
Big name in Chinese history
___ II" (Don DeLillo novel)
The Little Red Book" writer
Great Leap Forward chairman
Great Leap Forward overseer
To whom Chou seldom said no
Best-selling Chinese author
___ jacket (Chinese attire)
Great Leap Forward promoter
''Nixon in China'' character
Chinese chairman before Deng
Great Leap Forward architect
Leader of "struggle sessions
Leader of the ''Long March''
Memorable Nixon host of 1972
Onetime popular T-shirt icon
Portrait on Chinese currency
Red head of the 20th century
Statesman in a Warhol series
Statesman on a 100-yuan note
Ubiquitous Chinese character
Chinese chairman, familiarly
Cultural Revolution Chairman
Great Leap Forward proponent
Andy Warhol portrait subject
The Little Red Book" chairman
Cultural Revolution supporter
Double this for a honey eater
High-collared type of jacket
Autumn Harvest Uprising leader
''The Little Red Book'' byline
Autumn Harvest Uprising figure
Card game named after a leader
Iconic figure in a Warhol work
Longtime Chinese leader Zedong
Revolutionary Chinese chairman
Chinese chairman who met Nixon
Card game akin to crazy eights
''The Little Red Book'' author
From ___ to Mozart" (1980 film)
Best-selling Chinese author Dun
Chairman painted by Andy Warhol
Tenor's role in "Nixon in China
World leader depicted by Warhol
From ___ to Mozart" (1981 film)
Figure seen at Tiananmen Square
Card game named after a dictator
Chinese leader painted by Warhol
His wife was in the Gang of Four
Japanese figure skater ___ Asada
Former Chinese leader ___ Zedong
Revolutionary leader with a suit
Long March leader in 1930s China
___ Zedong (former Chinese ruler)
Chairman visited by Nixon in 1972
Chairman with a 'Little Red Book'
Chinese leader of the "Long March
Familiar face in Tiananmen Square
Figure seen on "people's currency
Chinese chairman who hosted Nixon
Chinese leader who met with Nixon
Longtime ruler of Communist China
China's Cultural Revolution leader
Portrait on Chinese renminbi bills
Chinese chairman from 1949 to 1976
___ Zedong (former Chinese leader)
Leader with a jacket named for him
___ Zedong (onetime Chinese leader)
Leader entombed in Tiananmen Square
Tiananmen Square honoree ___ Zedong
He's quoted in "The Little Red Book
Visage overlooking Tiananmen Square
Card game named after a world leader
Chairman ___ (former Chinese leader)
Chairman in The Beatles' "Revolution
Leader know for his "little Red Book
Chairman mentioned in a Beatles song
___ Zedong (former Chinese chairman)
His mausoleum is in Tiananmen Square
___ Zedong (Chinese chairman of yore)
Chairman portrayed in "Nixon in China
Leader known for his "little red book
Leader of the Autumn Harvest Uprising
Leader who said "It is right to rebel
Popularizer of the Chinese tunic suit
Portrait overlooking Tiananmen Square
He was quoted in the "Little Red Book
Leader once known as "The Four Greats
From ___ to Mozart" (1980 documentary)
Chinese chairman who met Nixon in 1972
Chinese leader with a "Little Red Book
His portrait hangs at Tiananmen Square
World leader with a distinctive jacket
Women hold up half the sky" proclaimer
Chairman during the Cultural Revolution
Silkscreened Andy Warhol portrait subject
A revolution is not a dinner party" writer
Leader in a 1972 summit meeting with Nixon
Leader of the 1927 Autumn Harvest Uprising
The Four Modernizations followed his death
Author of a once-popular book of quotations
Chinese chairman in an Andy Warhol portrait
Who said "Politics is war without bloodshed
Chairman who launched the Great Leap Forward
Chinese leader with appalling dental hygiene
Leader mentioned in the Beatles' "Revolution
Leader name-checked by Lennon in "Revolution
Only proper noun in the Beatles' "Revolution
Who said "A revolution is not a dinner party
___ Zedong (Chinese leader from 1945 to 1976)
Chairman who was also a poet and calligrapher
Leader who called reactionaries "paper tigers
Who said "In waking a tiger, use a long stick
A revolution is not a dinner party" statesman
Former Chinese leader with a "Little Red Book
___ Zedong (Chinese leader who met with Nixon)
A New Storm Against Imperialism" writer (1968)
Leader who halted the Hundred Flowers Campaign
Chairman mentioned in The Beatles' "Revolution
Former Chinese chairman with a "Little Red Book
Zedong who was Chinese leader from 1945 to 1976
Chairman whose figure overlooks Tiananmen Square
Chinese chairman who led the Cultural Revolution
Leader entombed at the center of Tiananmen Square
Former world leader with a suit style named for him
Leader who said "All reactionaries are paper tigers
He said "Learn from the masses, and then teach them
Figure on some Occupy Wall Street protestors' shirts
Who said "Learn from the masses, and then teach them
World leader who proclaimed "Women hold up half the sky
He wrote "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun
His portrait is at the entrance to Beijing's Forbidden City
War cannot for a single minute be separated from politics" speaker
Chairman who said "political power grows out of the barrel of a gun
Leader who said "Once all struggle is grasped, miracles are possible
Chairman you shouldn't carry pictures of if you want to make it with anyone, per Lennon
Leader repeatedly praised in the (doctored) Mandarin edition of Bill Clinton's "My Life
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