348 clues
Sake base
Wild _____
Food grain
____ pilaf
Bed of ___
Jasmine __
Sushi base
Pilaf need
Sushi need
Paddy crop
Pilaf base
Spanish ___
Golden ____
Sushi stuff
Dirty dish?
Pilaf basic
Sake's base
Paddy plant
Pilaf grain
Staple food
Sushi grain
Thai export
Asian grain
Paella need
Paddy grain
Food staple
Sake source
Paella base
Starchy side
Starchy food
Sushi staple
Cereal grain
Cereal grass
___ Krispies
Ontario lake
Bush adviser
Minute" fare
Boston's Jim
Indian order
Paella grain
Pilaf staple
Risotto base
Sushi grains
Biryani base
Paddy growth
Wedding ammo
Wedding toss
Minute" dish
Pilaf grains
Asian staple
Pudding base
Kind of paper
Sushi go-with
Almost purée
Oriental food
Paddy harvest
Wild or brown
Young target?
Starchy grain
Texas college
What arroz is
Basmati, e.g.
Beans partner
Jasmine, e.g.
Type of paper
Beans go-with
Wedding staple
Bridal shower?
Sushi stuffing
Kitchen staple
Houston campus
Lasher" author
Lasher" writer
Burrito staple
Japanese grain
Ladder, part 7
Lestat creator
Staple of Asia
Worldwide crop
Great receiver
Paddy product.
Receiver Jerry
Source of sake
Eastern staple
Grain in sushi
Houston school
Jambalaya need
Wedding fling?
Jambalaya base
Chinese staple
Burrito filling
Kind of pudding
Type of pudding
Red Sox slugger
Almost purée
Crop in a paddy
Far East staple
Japanese staple
Nepalese staple
Paddy's product
Staple in China
Starch in sushi
Tex. university
Wedding castoff
Wedding handful
Wedding missile
Wedding shower.
Bush confidante
Shanghai staple
Wedding feature
Wedding pellets
Evita" lyricist
Jambalaya grain
Pudding variety
Oriental staple
Lestat's creator
Sushi ingredient
Prepare potatoes
U. S. playwright
Dolma ingredient
Form of confetti
Paper or pudding
Uncle Ben's dish
Basmati, for one
Powell successor
Sushi foundation
Sushi bar supply
Wedding missiles
White or basmati
Playwright Elmer
Bento box staple
Pilaf ingredient
Paella ingredient
Pasta alternative
Chinese side dish
''Aida'' lyricist
Ammo" at weddings
Dirty" Cajun fare
Asian staple crop
Bed on the table?
Indonesian staple
Lamb's bed, maybe
Major Thai export
Postnuptial throw
Red beans go-with
Red-beans partner
Wedding "confetti
Gluten-free grain
Asian food staple
It comes in cakes
Potato alternative
Pudding ingredient
Sake brewer's need
Jasmine" side dish
A top crop in Ark.
Chimichanga filler
It's sold in cakes
Kind of thin paper
Paella requirement
Postnuptial fling?
Quinoa alternative
Serving with sushi
Wedding day shower
Asian staple grain
Elmer or Grantland
Grantland or Elmer
Sukiyaki side dish
Powell's successor
Risotto ingredient
It may be polished
Houston university
Bush Cabinet member
Uncle Ben's product
American playwright
Makeup of some beds
Chinese menu staple
Eleven from Houston
Fenway Park slugger
Grain in some cakes
Post-wedding fling?
Post-wedding shower
Edgar ___ Burroughs
Food found in a bed
Food grown in water
Chinese food staple
''Dirty'' Cajun dish
49ers receiver Jerry
Aquatic cereal grass
Basmati, for example
Grain found in sushi
Sushi chef's handful
What orzo looks like
Bed for some shrimp?
Certain pudding base
Food served in a bed
Partner of red beans
Potatoes alternative
Jambalaya ingredient
Essence of some cakes
Wild" or "brown" food
Food grown in a paddy
Force through a sieve
Fried or steamed dish
Grain used in risotto
Possible bed for fish
Product of Louisiana.
University at Houston
Uncle Ben's specialty
University in Houston
A bed in the kitchen?
Side dish with scampi
Creole cooking staple
Chimichanga ingredient
Missiles" at a wedding
Departing wedding gift
Grain grown in paddies
Sportswriter Grantland
Staple in the Far East
Stuffed pepper filling
Chinese-cuisine staple
Serving with chop suey
Companion of red beans
It's thrown at weddings
Chinese takeout freebie
Arroz, by another name?
Bridal shower material?
Chinese dish, fried ...
Dinner side dish choice
Grain for a sake brewer
Grain served with curry
He wrote "The Left Bank
Hopping John ingredient
It may be wild or fried
Kind of grass or flower
Part of a bridal shower
Shipment from Galveston
Globetrotting secretary
White, brown or basmati
Basmati or jasmine, e.g.
Chinese restaurant grain
Dish that may be "sticky
Elmer, Del or Grantland.
Food made by Uncle Ben's
Grain in Chinese cuisine
Grantland of sports fame
Singer/songwriter Damien
Something for your sake?
The Owls of the N.C.A.A.
University or playwright
Street Scene" playwright
Bush inner circle member
Force through tiny holes
Fried ___ (Chinese dish)
The Witching Hour" author
Texas ________ University
Cabinet appointee of 2005
Chinese-takeout side dish
Condoleeza of the Cabinet
Famed N.F.L. pass catcher
Grain that resembles orzo
It can be fried or sticky
It may be served in a bed
It may fill a paddy wagon
It might be wild or dirty
Main ingredient of paella
Makeup of a bed, at times
Side dish with enchiladas
Chinese-restaurant staple
Staple of Chinese cuisine
Bitter ___" (Italian film)
The Vampire Armand" author
We, the People" playwright
Condoleezza of the cabinet
Former wide receiver Jerry
It may be brown or Spanish
It's tossed after weddings
Lots of things for dinner?
The Owls of Conference USA
Arroz con pollo ingredient
Asia's most important crop
Accompaniment for red beans
Anne who writes of vampires
Basic grain in a pilaf dish
Elton John collaborator Tim
Grain that's used in paella
Grain used to make horchata
Hillary Clinton predecessor
It may rain after a wedding
It might be sticky or dirty
It's fermented to make sake
Lyricist extraordinaire Tim
Serving with orange chicken
White grain in a sushi roll
Beauty's Punishment" author
Chinese restaurant side dish
Kung pao chicken accompanier
Word before paper or pudding
Grain that's sometimes flung
University with lots of owls
''The Vampire Lestat'' author
Bowlful accompanying teriyaki
Condoleezza of Bush's cabinet
It may be grown for your sake
Anne who writes gothic fiction
Irish singer/songwriter Damien
Side dish alternative to pasta
Dish sometimes made in a minute
Grain that's used to make sushi
Grantland of sportswriting fame
Red beans and ___ (Creole dish)
Serving with chop suey, perhaps
Something needed for your sake?
Stuff once thrown at newly weds
The Vampire Lestat" author Anne
2003 College World Series winner
Staple food — English lyricist
Western Athletic conference team
Anti-caking garlic powder additive
Grain sometimes found in a burrito
Grain used in much Chinese cuisine
Interview With the Vampire" author
Cannonball' singer-songwriter Damien
Grain with white and brown varieties
Minute ___ (quick-cooking side dish)
It's often served with orange chicken
National security adviser Condoleezza
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza
Foggy Bottom top dog since January 2005
It's in the bridal shower, traditionally
It might be fried at a Chinese restaurant
The Owls of the Western Athletic Conference
Crosstown rival of the University of Houston
Confetti has largely replaced it, at weddings
US Ambassador to the United Nations Susan ___
Grain that symbolizes fertility in many cultures
White or brown side dish in a Chinese restaurant
Texas university that Howard Hughes dropped out of
Source of about 20% of the calories consumed by humanity
Surname of national security advisers under both Bush 43 and Obama
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