Answers evasively

1 Answer 13 letters
Duckstheissue 13 letters
Similar Clues:
Fiddler on the Roof" setting that answers the question "Where else could Sabbath be so sweet?
Affirmative answers
Action needed to spot the four fliers in the theme answers
Alternative title of this puzzle, in view of what can be placed in front of the answers to the 10 asterisked clues
Banished to sleep on a couch, say ... or where to find the starred answers' hidden items
Alternative words used as alternatives for each other in this puzzle's theme answers
Agreeable answers
Annual cause of losing an hr.'s sleep hidden in this puzzle's 10 longest answers
Cryptographers' successes (and what can be found in the circles in this puzzle's long answers)
Rap sheet letters hidden in this puzzle's longest answers
New father's task, maybe ... and what the three other longest puzzle answers have in common?
Against (which appears amidst the five long Across answers)
Creepy pencil-and-paper "game" popularized in 2015 via YouTube and Twitter (and basis of the theme answers)
Author of the 1974 novel found in the starts of the starred answers
A different one is hidden in each of this puzzle's seven longest answers
Simple substances split in eight long answers in this puzzle
Acts evasively
Consequence of mo' money, per Biggie Smalls ... or what's afflicted the theme answers?
Melissa Etheridge album that answers a question?
Copier jammed into this puzzle's theme answers
Inventor and electricity pioneer (the coil named for him is twisted up in four answers)
Big fight, and clue to this puzzle's theme that begins the four longest answers
Summer coolers, briefly, and a hint to this puzzle's six longest answers
Environmental activist, and the letters changed in the theme answers
Question about change, which hints at the hidden feature of four two-part puzzle answers
How to unravel the answers to this puzzle's asterisked clues
Each of the four longest puzzle answers has two pairs of them
Snappy answers to stupid questions
African antelope "caged" in five answers in this puzzle
Favorable answers