41 Answers 3 - 10 letters
Jig 3 letters
Bop 3 letters
Pas 3 letters
Lap 3 letters
Hop 3 letters
Barn 4 letters
Reel 4 letters
Frug 4 letters
Step 4 letters
Hoof 4 letters
Ball 4 letters
Hula 4 letters
Trip 4 letters
Conga 5 letters
Tango 5 letters
Twist 5 letters
Belly 5 letters
Samba 5 letters
Polka 5 letters
Galop 5 letters
Waltz 5 letters
Rumba 5 letters
Mambo 5 letters
Cancan 6 letters
Bolero 6 letters
Formal 6 letters
Chacha 6 letters
Minuet 6 letters
Twostep 7 letters
Onestep 7 letters
Mazurka 7 letters
Cutarug 7 letters
Foxtrot 7 letters
Anitras 7 letters
Beguine 7 letters
Cotillion 9 letters
Chachacha 9 letters
Castlewalk 10 letters
Charleston 10 letters
Turkeytrot 10 letters
Tarantella 10 letters
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