Where Carthage was (abbr.)

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Afr 3 letters
Similar Clues:
Fiddler on the Roof" setting that answers the question "Where else could Sabbath be so sweet?
A crossword editor has to be very careful when changing one--unlike this puzzle's editor, who was careless four times herein
Actor Sandler who was once a regular on "Saturday Night Live
Iowa city where Grant Wood's "American Gothic" house is located
Retired outfielder Barry, who was conspicuously denied entry to the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2013
City where Meat Loaf was born
Ohio town where "there's a happiness" in an old Glenn Miller song
Her symbol was a lyre
Old comics girl whose boyfriend was Wingey
Actor ___ Scott who was in HBO's "Big Little Lies
French-speaking country where illegal activity runs rampant?
Food additive (abbr.)
Animated film where the main character journeys to the excavation site of a Roman emperor's corpse and learns a little something along the way?
Hoosier State (Abbr.)
Out of the Blue" band (Abbr.)
Duane who was #2 on Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time
His last film was "Plan 9 from Outer Space
Alternative rock band that was fronted by Michael Stipe
Former "Dancing With the Stars" pro who was encouraged to release his single "Hold On" after losing a friend to suicide: 2 wds.
Banks open them (Abbr.)
A genus of shell-less snails was named after this noblewoman
City where Kevin Federline was born
Where Carthage was (abbr.)
Airport schedule data (Abbr.)
Daughter of Poseidon who was the ancestor of a prophetic clan
Actress Lane, whose film debut was "A Little Romance
Was left on base
Watson to Bell (Abbr.)
Churchill was his predecessor and successor