221 clues
Kln cry
Köln cry
Essen cry
Herr's cry
Alas! Ger.
Frau's cry
Haus call?
Karl's cry
Bonn beef?
Mein Gott!
Berlin cry
German cry
Oh!" to Ohm
Aachen alas
Cry at Bonn
Cry in Bonn
Cry in Kiel
Essen beef?
German sigh
German "Oh!
Berlin wail
Cologne cry
Oh!" in Bonn
Berlin "alas
German "alas
German grunt
German shout
Hamburg grr?
Herr's 'Oh!'
Kaiser's cry
Mann's "Man!
Mannheim cry
German beef?
Frau's 'Oh!'
German whine
Teutonic cry
Berlin beef?
German gripe
Oskar's "Oh!
Heine's sigh
Rhine whine?
___ du lieber
Oh," overseas
Cologne whine
Cry from Karl
Cry in Berlin
German lament
Oh, to Hansel
Ulm utterance
German's "Oh!
German's alas
Munich lament
Ulm expletive
Herr's "alas!
Alas, in Bonn
German grouse?
Oh my," to Ohm
Alas, in Aalen
Alas, to Arndt
Bavarian carp?
Berlin wailing
Cry in Coblenz
Cry in Cologne
Cry in Koblenz
Dieter's beef?
Dresden "D'oh!
Franz's "Alas!
Lübeck lament
Oberhausen "oh
Oberhausen cry
Oh! in Oschatz
Oldenburg "oh!
Otto's "Oh no!
Stuttgart sigh
Teutonic groan
Otto's ''Oh!''
Bavarian beef?
Berliner's cry
Egad," to Ernst
Egad!" in Essen
Gott im Himmel!
Oh," in Germany
Oh!" de Cologne
Oh!" of Cologne
Alas, in Aachen
Alas, in Berlin
Alas, in Munich
Alas, in Passau
Alas, to Helmut
Austrian "Alas!
Essen utterance
German outburst
Germanic outcry
Günter's gripe
Hamburger's cry
Helmut's "Alas!
Münster "Geez!
Oh, on the Oder
Stuttgart shout
Teutonic lament
Bah!" in German
Ludwig's lament
Hamburger beef?
Oktoberfest cry
Essen expletive
Alas!" in Anhalt
Bah!" in Germany
Altenburg kvetch
Berliner's "Bah!
Cologne "Crikey!
German complaint
German's "Oh my!
Goethe's grumble
Johann's "Yikes!
Katzenjammer cry
Munich complaint
Oder exclamation
Oh, in Frankfurt
Oh! in Offenbach
Oskar's outburst
Günther's gripe
Bah," in Bavaria
Bonn exclamation
German expletive
Essen exclamation
Oh, my," in Mainz
Du lieber Himmel!
Oh," in Osnabruck
Alas, to Adenauer
Alas, to Wolfgang
Berliner's "D'oh!
Coblenz complaint
Cry in Kronenberg
Emden exclamation
Frankfurter's cry
Hamburg "Heavens!
Hamburger's whine
Lament in Leipzig
Luxembourg lament
Oktoberfest 'Oh!'
Oktoberfest gripe
Austrian's "Alas!
Oh, in Heidelberg
Sigh in Stuttgart
Cologne complaint
Alas!" in Austria
German preposition
Scrubs" star Braff
Darn!" in Dortmund
Berliner's 'Alas!'
Chemnitz complaint
Deutschland "D'oh!
Dieter's complaint
Düsseldorf "Darn!
Exclamation in Ems
German word of woe
German's "Dear me!
Lament from Ludwig
Oldenburg outburst
Rhine Valley whine
Weimar word of woe
Düsseldorf "D'oh!
Essen interjection
Aachen exclamation
Alas!" in Altenburg
Oh!" in Österreich
Cousin of "verdammt
Drat, Dresden style
Exclamation in Bonn
Fritz's exclamation
Hamburger complaint
Leipzig lamentation
Oberhausen outburst
Oy, in Oberammergau
German exclamation.
Jiminy!" in Germany
German interjection
''Alas'' in Augsburg
Criminy!" in Germany
German cry of dismay
Hamburger's harrumph
Interjection in Bonn
Mönchengladbach cry
Woeful word to Hans
Exclamation in Essen
Teutonic exclamation
Berliner's expletive
D'oh!" in Düsseldorf
Austrian interjection
Exclamation in Aachen
Exclamation in Berlin
Frustrated frau's cry
Hamburger's "Darn it!
Oldenburg exclamation
Rats along the Rhine?
... a surprised German
___ Du Lieber Augustin
Austrian's exclamation
Comment of frustration
Cry from a Rottweiler?
Outburst in Osnabrück
Wilhelm's 'Woe is me!'
Innsbruck interjection
Berliner's exclamation
Cry over spilled Milch?
Exclamation in Augsburg
Oktoberfest exclamation
Interlaken interjection
''Darn!'' in Düsseldorf
Holy cow for Hamburgers?
Interlaken inter-jection
''Heck!'', in Heidelberg
Bah! Humbug!," in Hamburg
Wo! ___ was!" (German cry)
["Die Wurst ist ruiniert!"]
Exclamation from an Austrian
___ was!" (German exclamation)
D'oh, I stubbed my big German toe!
You knocked my beer over" at Oktoberfest
Disgusted comment after reading Der Spiegel?
___ Gott, vom Himmel sieh darein" (Bach cantata)
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