222 clues
The Altar
Sky altar
Bear rival
Bird genus
Screw pine
Latin altar
Altar above
Altar of sky
Starry Altar
Bird or tree
Astral Altar
Palm cockatoo
Macaw's genus
Stellar altar
Showy parrots
Altar on high
Antony's altar
Flashy parrots
Altar up above
Altar in space
Mr. Parseghian
Heavenly altar
Brazilian macaw
A constellation
Altar of heaven
Altar, in Latin
Macaw of Brazil
South Bend name
Southern shiner
Genus of macaws
Basso Berberian
Notre Dame name
Taj Mahal locale
Surrounding glow
Celestial "Altar
Gaudy psittacine
Night-time altar
Scorpio neighbor
Altar of the sky
Rome's ___ Pacis
Altar in the sky
Coach Parseghian
Altar in a chiesa
Neighbor of Norma
A Knute successor
Scorpius neighbor
Palindromic altar
Altar above us all
Altar of the skies
It's near Scorpius
Star-studded altar
Scorpio's neighbor
Textile screw pine
Astronomical altar
A neighbor of Norma
Football first name
One of Ptolemy's 48
Scorpius's neighbor
Ex-coach Parseghian
Altar" constellation
Borneo pepper plant.
Parseghian the coach
Telescopium neighbor
Goddess of vengeance
Neighbor of Scorpius
A neighbor of Scorpio
Constellation or pine
Eliot's "___ Vos Prec
Fighting Irish legend
Where angels worship?
Rudy's coach in "Rudy
Football's Parseghian
Southern constellation
Goddess of destruction
It's south of Scorpius
Famed coach Parseghian
First name in coaching
Parseghian of coaching
Noted coach Parseghian
Parseghian of football
City of northeast India
Constellation near Pavo
Name in Notre Dame lore
Notre Dame name of fame
Rome's ___ Pacis Museum
Southern group of stars
The Altar, in astronomy
Former Coach Parseghian
Neighbor of Telescopium
Notre Dame's Parseghian
College coach Parseghian
One of Knute's followers
Sacrifice site, in Siena
__ Pacis: altar of Peace
First name at Notre Dame
Constellation near Norma
___-Coeli Church, in Rome
Famous name at Notre Dame
Parseghian of Notre Dame
Sight in the southern sky
One of Knute's successors
Coaching great Parseghian
Football coach Parseghian
Palindromic constellation
Constellation next to Pavo
___ Pacis (Roman monument)
Constellation near Scorpio
Greek goddess of vengeance
Legendary coach Parseghian
Coaching legend Parseghian
Parseghian of coaching lore
''The Altar'' constellation
Constellation next to Norma
Constellation or screw pine
First name of coaching fame
T. S. Eliot's "___ Vos Prec
Notre Dame coach Parseghian
Parseghian of coaching fame
Scorpius' heavenly neighbor
Constellation near Scorpius
A Greek goddess of vengeance
Constellation north of Norma
It's south of Scorpio's tail
Longtime Met basso Berberian
Notre Dame legend Parseghian
Scorpius's nighttime partner
Triangulum Australe neighbor
Constellation near Scor-pius
First name at old Notre Dame
Scorpius' celestial neighbor
College football's Parseghian
Heavenly neighbor of Scorpius
Parseghian of football and TV
Sports commentator Parseghian
Parseghian of Notre Dame fame
Coach Parseghian of Notre Dame
Constellation near Telescopium
Constellation south of Scorpio
First name in college coaching
Constellation next to Scorpius
___ Parseghian of football fame
Constellation south of Scorpius
Fighting Irish coach Parseghian
First name in Notre Dame sports
Football commentator Parseghian
Former college coach Parseghian
Constellation called "the Altar
Famed football coach Parseghian
___ Vos Prec" (T. S. Eliot work)
Coach about 50 years after Knute
Constellation with seven planets
Parseghian of the Fighting Irish
College football coach Parseghian
First name in Notre Dame coaching
This lies south of Scorpio's tail
Constellation next to Telescopium
Southern Hemisphere constellation
First name in Notre Dame football
Constellation described by Ptolemy
One of Ptolemy's 48 constellations
Former Notre Dame coach Parseghian
Football coaching legend Parseghian
Legendary football coach Parseghian
Coach Parseghian of Notre Dame fame
First name in Fighting Irish history
Corona Australis's heavenly neighbor
Faint constellation next to Scorpius
Immortal Notre Dame coach Parseghian
Notre Dame coaching great Parseghian
Parseghian of football-coaching fame
Longtime Notre Dame coach Parseghian
___-A (drug used to treat chickenpox)
First name of a Fighting Irish legend
Another Notre Dame legend, Parseghian
Legendary Notre Dame coach Parseghian
Constellation next to Corona Australis
Constellation with the Stingray Nebula
First name in Notre Dame football fame
Former Fighting Irish coach Parseghian
The Era of ___ (1966-74 at Notre Dame)
Coach Parseghian of the Fighting Irish
First name in college coaching legends
Constellation between Scorpius and Pavo
Longtime coach Parseghian of Notre Dame
Southern constellation near Telescopium
Constellation depicted with rising smoke
Constellation near Norma and Telescopium
One of Ptolemy's original constellations
Amos Alonzo Stagg Award winner Parseghian
Constellation next to Triangulum Australe
First name in Notre Dame football history
First name in Notre Dame football coaches
The Era of ___" (1964–1974 at Notre Dame)
___ the Beautiful (Armenian king of legend)
Former Notre Dame football coach Parseghian
One of Ptolemy's original 48 constellations
Duffy's foe in the 1966 MSU-Notre Dame game
Constellation containing the Stingray Nebula
Constellation with a name spelled in Arabic?
Rudy's coach in the 1993 football film "Rudy
The Era of ___ (1964-74 Notre Dame football)
11-season Notre Dame football coach Parseghian
Only three-letter constellation other than Leo
First name in college football coaching legends
Project ___ (Google modular smartphone project)
The Era of __: period in Notre Dame sports lore
Parseghian in the College Football Hall of Fame
Miami University football head coach after Woody
Constellation whose letters aptly appear in "altar
Era of ___ (period in Notre Dame football history)
Coach Parseghian in the College Football Hall of Fame
Constellation between Scorpius and Triangulum Australe
1966 Sporting News College Coach of the Year Parseghian
College Football Hall of Fame inductee 29 years after Knute
The Greeks believed its offerings' smoke formed the Milky Way
College Football Hall of Fame inductee the same year as Merlin
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