748 clues
__ man
Big oaf
Big lug
Rip off
Big lunk
Take off
Big clod
Big goon
Act like
Zoo beast
King Kong
Lemur kin
Be Little
'-- Goes'
Hairy one
Zoo biggy
Big chimp
Talk like
Ham, e.g.
Big klutz
Make like
Big brute
Wild _____
Way to go!
Zoo animal
Big monkey
Clumsy lug
Dumb brute
Hairy hulk
Koko, e.g.
Rude guest
Zoo biggie
Barbary __
Tarzan pal
Zoo inmate
Kong, e.g.
Sound like
Big lummox
Big doofus
Take after
Hired thug
Clumsy guy
Clumsy one
Big galoot
Hairy beast
Uncouth one
Behave like
Big bumbler
Buddy, e.g.
Hairy brute
Lug or thug
Pongo, e.g.
Big buffoon
Chimp, e.g.
Go ___ over
Lemur's kin
Orang, e.g.
Bonzo, e.g.
Zoo primate
Do ___ like
Zoo swinger
Take off on
Zoo critter
Big primate
Do likewise
Big bruiser
Oafish sort
Zoo denizen
Clumsy sort
Make fun of
Boorish sort
Zoo favorite
Fossey focus
Congo" beast
Great" beast
Act the mime
Be imitative
Boorish male
Hairy copier
Koko or Kong
Lemur cousin
Tarzan beast
Tarzan's pal
Tree climber
Tree swinger
Zoo boarder.
Pongid, e.g.
Giant copier
Huge primate
Human cousin
Large copier
Simian beast
Do a takeoff
Clumsy brute
Jungle beast
Zoo creature
Bonobo, e.g.
Uncouth sort
Gibbon, e.g.
Zoo resident
Coarse person
Boorish brute
One way to go
Great" simian
The Naked ___
Go ___ (flip)
Hairy critter
Hairy swinger
Mighty animal
Tarzan cohort
Tarzan tender
Tarzan's "mom
Tarzan's chum
Wou-wou, e.g.
Young or Kong
The Hairy ___
Big hairy one
Hardly a sage
Jungle animal
Copy clumsily
Kong, for one
Tarzan" extra
Clumsy galoot
Hairy primate
Pal of Tarzan
Tarzan raiser
Chest thumper
Large primate
Siamang, e.g.
Gorilla, e.g.
Barbary beast
Pretend to be
Clumsy fellow
Clumsy person
Uncouth fellow
Uncouth person
Bad way to go?
Unoriginal one
Great" hominid
Great" African
Chum of Tarzan
Distant cousin
Forest swinger
Hairy ancestor
Hairy hominoid
Hairy or Naked
Human ancestor
Human relative
Jungle groomer
Lowlands beast
Man's relative
Naked or hairy
Tarzan "parent
Great" primate
Chimp or orang
Do a parody of
Do Little work
Human's cousin
Bonzo, for one
Do the same as
Jungle critter
Orang or chimp
Congo" villain
Barbary animal
Jungle dweller
Jungle primate
Chimp, for one
Human, for one
Mock, in a way
Hairy creature
Uncultured one
Zoo attraction
Congo" attacker
Congo" creature
Tarzan" critter
Big zoo denizen
Brawny henchman
Copy mindlessly
Do a Little bit
Do, so to speak
Evolution topic
Go __ (lose it)
Goodall subject
How fans may go
Hulking hoodlum
Humanlike beast
Kala of fiction
Mock by mimicry
Pongo or pongid
Silly way to go
Tailless monkey
Tarzan's cohort
Vine aficionado
Great" creature
Barbary primate
Big, clumsy guy
Forest resident
O'Neill subject
Tarzan's Cheeta
Wild way to go?
Certain primate
Simian creature
Do a takeoff on
Dr. Zaius, e.g.
Gibraltar beast
Knuckle dragger
Gelada or pongo
Monkey's cousin
Tailless mammal
Tarzan's friend
Bonobo, for one
Gibbon or orang
Tarzan neighbor
Jungle creature
Tailless simian
Orangutan, e.g.
Monkey's uncle?
Gibbon, for one
Jungle swinger?
King Kong, e.g.
Crazy way to go?
...and companion
Tarzan" creature
Alleged ancestor
Beast of Barbary
Big, uncouth guy
Bonobo or gibbon
Dog ___ (baboon)
Friend to Tarzan
Gibbon or bonobo
Hairy chest type
Hominidae member
Hulking henchman
Human's relative
It has long arms
King Kong is one
Parody, in a way
Parrot relative?
Play "Simon says
Pongo or wou-wou
Powerful primate
Rearer of Tarzan
Tarzan's "mother
Tarzan's stepmom
Barbary, for one
Do an impression
Follow slavishly
Friend of Fossey
Hairy anthropoid
Hairy or Barbary
Primate category
Arboreal critter
Mindlessly mimic
Simious creature
Simple tool user
Raiser of Tarzan
What epigones do
Menagerie member
Friend of Tarzan
Greystoke raiser
Nonhuman primate
Chimpanzee, e.g.
Siamang, for one
Springtime abbr.
Long-armed beast
Chimp or gorilla
Gorilla or chimp
Tailless primate
Gorilla, for one
Halloween costume
A Tarzan playmate
Big jungle animal
Bonobo or siamang
Brachiating beast
Cousin of a human
Cousin of a lemur
Gelada or siamang
Gibraltar primate
Nirvana "Very ___
Engage in mimicry
Gibraltar denizen
Hairy arm swinger
Hominoidea member
Long-armed animal
Rue Morgue terror
King Kong was one
Musclebound brute
Tarzan film beast
Donkey Kong, e.g.
Do impressions of
Go ___ (flip out)
Rue Morgue killer
Flatter, in a way
Gibbon or gorilla
Gorilla or gibbon
Kinsman" of Tarzan
Agile tree climber
Anthropoid primate
Big-and-clumsy one
Chimp, for example
Class clown, often
Diane Fosse's Koko
Donkey Kong is one
Emulate David Frye
Go wild, with "out
Hairy zoo creature
Hallowe'en primate
How the excited go
Large jungle beast
Make fun of, maybe
Neighbor of Tarzan
Orangutan or chimp
Pongid or mandrill
Rainforest forager
Rainforest denizen
Slamang or wou-wou
Swinger in the zoo
Tarzan movie extra
Toledo Zoo primate
Went ___ (freaked)
Long-armed swinger
Chimp or orangutan
Gibraltar resident
Copier at the zoo?
Dr. Zaius, for one
Big zoo attraction
Rue Morgue culprit
Long-armed primate
King Kong, notably
Tarzan's protector
Orangutan, for one
King Kong, for one
Dian Fossey subject
Leggo, you big ___!
Animal with a face.
Antithesis of grace
Beast that imitates
Big jungle creature
Bonobo, for example
Chimpanzee or orang
Companion of Tarzan
Dramatic way to go?
Evolutionist's kin?
Hairy jungle animal
Harambe, for one :(
Lancelot Link e.g.
Large simian animal
McDowall role: 1968
Primatology subject
Rain-forest dweller
Show no originality
Tarzan, the ___ Man
Chimp, for instance
Chimpanzee, for one
Gibbon, for example
J. Fred Muggs, e.g.
Jungle chest-beater
Orangutan or gibbon
Rainforest resident
Alarming way to go?
Associate of Tarzan
Gibbon or orangutan
Chest-beating beast
Rue Morgue murderer
Make an impression?
Do an impression of
Great" one in Africa
Chest-thumping beast
Clumsy one, slangily
Compliment, in a way
Do the same thing as
Gorilla or orangutan
Hairy forest swinger
Hairy jungle swinger
Human's hairy cousin
It's hairy and scary
Koko who signs, e.g.
Primatology specimen
Siamang or orangutan
Big, hairy zoo beast
Companion for Tarzan
Gibbon, for instance
Strong jungle animal
Breast-beating beast
Large African animal
Gorilla, for example
Arm-over-arm swinger
Jane Goodall subject
Pet for King Solomon
Donkey Kong, for one
Primatologist's study
2001 Tim Burton extra
Act as if you're Rich
An anthropoid primate
Big creature in a zoo
Big, hairy zoo animal
Chest-beating primate
Costume party costume
Crazy, metaphorically
Evolutionary ancestor
Go ___ (come unglued)
Gorilla, for instance
Great or big follower
Great or lesser beast
Mad about, with "over
Neil Sedaka "I Go ___
Pithecologists' study
Rainforest inhabitant
Simian house resident
Strong jungle primate
Tailless jungle beast
Tailless zoo creature
Tarzan's Cheeta, e.g.
Knuckle-walking beast
Swinger in the jungle
Chimpanzee or gorilla
Gorilla or chimpanzee
Make fun of, in a way
Bull in a china shop?
Monkey's uncle, maybe
A human is a great one
Animal in a shrewdness
Breast-beating primate
Chest-thumping critter
Cinematic Heston enemy
Hand-over-hand swinger
Hominoid family member
Jane Goodall's subject
Kind of man, to Kinks?
Mighty Joe Young e.g.
One of Tarzan's clique
Person's close cousin?
Play follow-the-leader
Primate house resident
Tarzan's foster parent
Word after go or great
Culprit in a Poe story
Dr. Zaius, for example
One of Goodall's group
Tarzan's foster mother
Chest-beating creature
Primate without a tail
Rue Morgue perpetrator
J. Fred Muggs, for one
Orangutan, for example
Damned dirty" creature
King Kong, for example
Hairy Halloween costume
The Hairy ___": O'Neill
A pal of Bo's in a film
Bananas, metaphorically
Breast-beating creature
Creature like King Kong
Creature with long arms
Fossey or Goodall focus
Furry Halloween costume
Go ___ (flip one's lid)
Heston called one dirty
Kin, to an evolutionist
King Kong, for instance
Large creature in a zoo
Many a tailless primate
Missing Link's ancestor
Morris's "The Naked ___
Prof. Hooton's subject.
Sight in a Tarzan flick
Tarzan's "mom," for one
Tropical forest denizen
Animal friend of Tarzan
Chest-thumping creature
Subject for Dian Fossey
Chimpanzee, for example
O'Neill's "The Hairy __
King Kong was a big one
Primatologist's subject
O'Neill title character
''Lemme go, ya big ___''
Beast in a primate house
Big, hairy jungle animal
Chest-beating zoo animal
Distant cousin of humans
Full-body animal costume
Go ___ (get out of hand)
Highly excited, in slang
Human's closest relative
King Kong or Donkey Kong
Large hairy jungle beast
Pithecanthropus relative
Tarzan's adoptive mother
Yank, in an O'Neill play
Yerkes Center inhabitant
Big animal in the jungle
Hairy animal in a jungle
Powerful jungle creature
Monkey's larger relative
Subject for Jane Goodall
Terror of the Rue Morgue
Donkey Kong or King Kong
Follow, as in Simon Says
Foster parent" for Tarzan
Filmdom's Cheeta or Clyde
Hairy primate in a forest
Huxley's "___ and Essence
Kind of man, to The Kinks
Mammal for Hooton's study
Powerful African creature
Strong animal in a jungle
Kerchak in "Tarzan," e.g.
Desmond Morris' was naked
Filmdom's Dr. Zaius, e.g.
Hairy brute of the jungle
Prosimian's larger cousin
Breast-beating vegetarian
Great" or "lesser" animal
Mighty Joe Young, notably
Mighty Joe Young, for one
Impression"-able creature?
Animal known for imitating
Animal that may "arm-swing
Animal known for mimicking
Creature in a Huxley title
Donkey Kong looks like one
Go ___ (lose one's temper)
Kind of animal a gibbon is
Moviedom's Kong or Dunston
Animal companion of Tarzan
Hairy companion for Tarzan
It may be great at the zoo
Murderer in the Rue Morgue
George of the Jungle's pal
One who swings a good deal
Moviedom's Dr. Zaius, e.g.
Great" or "lesser" creature
Willis O'Brien's Kong, e.g.
Go ___ (completely lose it)
Dr. Zaius of moviedom, e.g.
Animal that beats its chest
Animal known for impressions
Creature threatened by Ebola
Feline:cat :: pithecan : ___
How you go when you lose it?
Jungle animal without a tail
Large, hairy African primate
A. Huxley's "___ and Essence
Bonzo, in "Bedtime for Bonzo
Cornelius or Dr. Zaius, e.g.
Tarzan's foster mother, e.g.
The Hairy ___" (O'Neill play)
Animal that can precede "shit
Certain movie planet resident
Hanna-Barbera had a grape one
Large, tailless jungle animal
Largest arboreal animal, e.g.
Play "monkey see, monkey do"?
Relative of the missing link.
Pink Bubbles Go ___" Helloween
Animal with an opposable thumb
Barbary ___ (a monkey, really)
Barbary ___ (Gibraltar animal)
Donkey Kong or Magilla Gorilla
Form of the Egyptian god Thoth
Friend of George of the Jungle
Gorilla or bonobo, for example
Gorilla or gibbon, for example
Kinshasa Declaration protectee
Nonhuman sign language learner
Primatologist's study, perhaps
Gibbon or gorilla, for example
Tarzan's adoptive mother, e.g.
George of the Jungle" creature
George of the Jungle" character
Orangutan or chimp, for example
Practice "monkey see, monkey do
Tarzan's friend Cheeta, for one
Ursine : bear :: pithecan : ___
Zoo animal that beats its chest
Grape ___ (Hanna-Barbera beast)
George of the Jungle's sidekick
O'Neill's hairy title character
Animal that's "great" or "lesser
Beast studied by a primatologist
George in the video game Rampage
One rampaging in 2018's "Rampage
Tarzan, the ___ Man" (1981 film)
Roddy McDowall portrayal of 1968
Chimpanzee's much larger relative
Gorilla, chimpanzee, or orangutan
Chimpanzee or bonobo, for example
Orangutan or gorilla, for example
Moviedom's Mighty Joe Young, e.g.
___ hangers (high motorcycle bars)
Beginning of a natural progression
Caesar, in a 2010s movie franchise
Common costume for a costume party
One of George of the Jungle's pals
Primate in a "Planet" 2011 prequel
Chimpanzee or gorilla, for example
Gorilla or chimpanzee, for example
Type of animal Dian Fossey studied
___ hangers (motorcycle handlebars)
___ Escape" (1999 PlayStation game)
The Naked ___" (1960's best seller)
Beast in the video game Donkey Kong
Jungle animal that pounds its chest
Mark Wahlberg foe, in a 2001 remake
One rung on the evolutionary ladder
Aldous Huxley's ''___ and Essence''
Animal that can learn sign language
Magilla Gorilla or Mighty Joe Young
The Naked ___" (Desmond Morris book)
Animal in the video game Donkey Kong
Barbary ___ (kind of monkey, really)
Eugene O'Neill's titular hairy beast
Famous Skull Island denizen, for one
Great ___ (animal such as a gorilla)
Orangutan or chimpanzee, for example
Is man an __ or an angel?": Disraeli
It's naked in a Desmond Morris title
The Murders in the Rue Morgue" beast
The Hairy ___" (Eugene O'Neill play)
___-man (hypothetical "missing link")
CGI star of a 2011 summer blockbuster
King Louie in "The Jungle Book," e.g.
One of the animals that raised Tarzan
The Murders in the Rue Morgue" killer
Donkey Kong or King Kong, for example
Animal high on the evolutionary ladder
Animal in Darwin's "The Descent of Man
Large animal closely related to humans
Large animal you could see in Tanzania
Research subject for Fossey or Goodall
Tarzan's playing companion, as a youth
Statutory ___" The Black Dahlia Murder
It is naked, in a Desmond Morris title
Jungle beast closely related to humans
The Murders in the Rue Morgue" creature
Aldous Huxley novel ____ and Essence
Hairy hominid in a Eugene O'Neill title
One step down on the evolutionary scale
It was naked, in a Desmond Morris title
___ hangers (high motorcycle handlebars)
The Murders in the Rue Morgue" character
Animal that's a close relative to humans
Cornelius or Zira, in a 1968 Heston film
Hairy creature in a Eugene O'Neill title
“The Naked ___” (Desmond Morris title)
Terk or Kerchak in "Tarzan," for example
Animal that's a close relative of a human
Animal whose name is a synonym of "parrot
Large animal featured in the movie "Congo
Tarzan, the ___ Man" (1981 Bo Derek movie)
George of the Jungle" creature, or his name
Four-time film character for Roddy McDowall
Grape ___ (Hanna-Barbera cartoon character)
Kind of animal Terk is, in Disney's "Tarzan
Grape ___ (purple gorilla of '70s cartoons)
___ hangers (stylized motorcycle handlebars)
Human's close relative in the animal kingdom
Caesar of a rebooted sci-fi film series, e.g.
Great ___ (orangutan or gorilla, for example)
Ishmael of Daniel Quinn's book "Ishmael," e.g.
Kim Hunter played one opposite Charlton Heston
Nintendo's Donkey Kong character, for instance
Sight at Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park
Type of animal that was studied by Dian Fossey
Copier jammed into this puzzle's theme answers
The Naked ___" (1967 Desmond Morris bestseller)
Kind of animal King Louie is in "The Jungle Book
(Smoke without damaging one's) lu(n)g(s, perhaps)
Caesar, Red, or Cornelius, in a 2017 summer movie
Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ___!
Go ___ (go monkey-style crazy at a concert or party)
Professor Bobo of "Mystery Science Theater 3000," e.g.
Gorilla in the midst of the five longest across answers
Jungle animal that's close to humans in terms of evolution
Koko who communicates through American Sign Language, e.g.
Kind of beast portrayed by Andy Serkis in a 2014 sci-fi film
San Diego Zoo's ___ Cam (round-the-clock feed of orangutans)
Creature with "stinking paws," in a Charlton Heston sci-fi movie
Creature that arguably out-acted James Franco in a 2011 sci-fi movie
Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ___!" (Charlton Heston movie line)
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