220 clues
Dada dada
Dada name
Dada papa
A Dadaist
Dada" Jean
Dada "daddy
Dada leader
Jean of art
Dada figure
MOMA artist
Dada artist
Artist Jean
Dada father
Dada painter
Hans of Dada
Painter Jean
Dada notable
Jean of Dada
Dadaist Hans
Dada founder
Dada pioneer
Humorist Bill
A Dada leader
Dada VIP Jean
Dada sculptor
Early Dadaist
Famed Dadaist
Sculptor Jean
French artist
Head and Shell
Dadaism leader
Daddy of Dada?
Dada's founder
A Dada founder
Dada cofounder
Father of Dada
French Dadaist
Dadaist artist
French painter
French sculptor
Alsatian artist
Certain Dadaist
Dadaist of note
Ernst associate
Leading Dadaist
Noted collagist
3-D art pioneer
Hans of Dadaism
Dadaist painter
Ernst colleague
Dadaist pioneer
Dada co-founder
Dadaism founder
Dadaism pioneer
Surrealist Jean
Artist-poet Jean
Dada legend Hans
Dadaist Jean ---
Jean the Dadaist
Early Surrealist
French collagist
Renowned Dadaist
Dadaist sculptor
A father of Dada
Alsatian Dadaist
Dada" artist Jean
Otterlo" sculptor
Rising Up" artist
Acclaimed Dadaist
Dada founder Hans
Dada painter Jean
French surrealist
A founder of Dada
Noted artist Jean
Important Dadaist
A dadaism founder
Dali contemporary
Klee contemporary
Dada pioneer Jean
French artist Jean
Pioneer in Dadaism
Colleague of Ernst
Ernst collaborator
French Dada artist
Alsace-born artist
Founder of dadaism
Pioneer of Dadaism
Pioneering Dadaist
Dadaism co-founder
Ernst contemporary
Certain Dada leader
Dada cofounder Jean
Dadaist artist Jean
French Dadaist Jean
Noted Zurich artist
Torn-collage artist
Fatagaga" collagist
Calder contemporary
Grünwald associate
Surrealist sculptor
Big name in Dadaism
French painter Jean
Abstract artist Jean
Big name in Dada art
Cofounder of Dadaism
Dadaist painter Hans
French-born sculptor
Matisse contemporary
Surrrealist sculptor
Torn Paper artist
Dadaism founder Jean
Dadaist painter Jean
Leading Dada painter
Dada co-founder Jean
Duchamp contemporary
A founder of Dadaism
Picasso contemporary
A Navel" artist, 1923
Configuration" artist
C. H. Smith pseudonym
Co-founder of Dadaism
Painter/sculptor Jean
Painter/poet Jean ___
Torso Fruit" sculptor
Contemporary of Ernst
Old synthesizer brand
One of Dada's fathers
Renowned Dadaist Jean
Configuration" painter
Abstract sculptor Jean
Franco-Swiss collagist
French abstract artist
French artist-sculptor
Max Ernst collaborator
Head and Shell" artist
Kandinsky contemporary
Surrealist artist Jean
Bust of Gnome" sculptor
Cercle et Carré artist
Certain Dadaism founder
Dada movement cofounder
Dadaism co-founder Jean
Der Blaue Reiter artist
French Dada artist Jean
French painter-sculptor
French sculptor-painter
Sculptor/collagist Jean
Strasbourg-born dadaist
''Mustache Hat'' artist
1970s synthesizer brand
Contemporary of Duchamp
Dachshund Doll" sculptor
Dada movement co-founder
Unesco Building muralist
Cloud Shepherd" sculptor
Big name in synthesizers
Alsatian abstract painter
Leaves and Navels" artist
Mustache Hat" artist Jean
Abstract art pioneer Jean
Big name in vintage synths
French avant-garde painter
Human Concretion" sculptor
''Human Concretion'' artist
Coquille Crystals" sculptor
Dreams and Projects" author
Phantastiche Gebete" artist
1910's French avant-gardist
Avant-garde French sculptor
Jean ___, father of Dadaism
Kandinsky contemporary Jean
Member of the Dada movement
Outré artist in torn paper
French artist and poet Jean
Abstract artist Jean or Hans
Artist known as Jean or Hans
Cercle et Carré member Jean
Old analog synthesizer brand
Birds in an Aquarium" artist
Shirt Front and Fork" artist
___ 2600 (analog synthesizer)
Blaue Reiter" movement figure
Shell and Head" sculptor Hans
Shirt Front and Fork" painter
A leader of the Dada movement
Head and Shell" sculptor Hans
Humorist Bill ___: 1826–1903
Birds in an Aquarium" sculptor
French avant-garde artist Jean
Creator of the bronze "En Songe
Pen name of Charles Henry Smith
Before My Birth" collagist, 1914
Colleague of Grünwald and Ernst
German/French sculptor Jean/Hans
Noted name in abstract sculpture
Jean who sculpted "Cloud Shepherd
Big name in Abstraction-Création
Artist known as both Jean and Hans
French sculptor-painter: 1887-1966
Artist known as either Jean or Hans
Artist in the Cercle et Carré group
Artist Jean who pioneered in Dadaism
Jean, contemporary of Kurt Schwitters
Duchamp praised his works as "nonsense
Mountain, Navel, Anchors, Table" artist
His "Enak's Tears" is on display at MoMA
Artist known alternately as Jean and Hans
Sculpture to Be Lost in the Forest" sculptor
Mountain, Navel, Anchors, Table" artist, 1925
Dadaist who called himself both Hans and Jean
He painted "Mustache Watch" and "Mustache Hat
Collage Arranged According to the Laws of Chance" artist
Sculptor who described art as "a fruit that grows in man
Objects Arranged According to the Law of Chance" sculptor
Overturned Blue Shoe With Two Heels Under A Black Vault" painter
He said "Art is a fruit that grows in man, like a fruit on a plant
Untitled (Squares Arranged according to the Laws of Chance)" artist
Collage With Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance" artist
Dadaist Jean or Hans, who couldn't make up his mind about his name apparently
Surrealist who avoided the draft by writing the day's date in every space on his induction paperwork
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