375 clues
Pull in
Draw in
Be giddy
Fall back
Get dizzy
Film unit
Film part
Spin out?
Film roll
Film site
Show shock
Folk dance
Be stunned
Barn dance
Movie roll
Film short
Rod and --
Creel item
Rattle off
Tape spool
Rod's mate
Feel dizzy
Movie unit
Film spool
Rural dance
Film holder
Tape holder
Hose holder
Irish dance
Casting aid
Rod adjunct
Rod go-with
Take a spin
Line winder
Movie spool
Rod partner
Line holder
Be unsteady
Lively dance
Fishing gear
Angling need
Angler's buy
Fishing need
Film segment
Movie holder
Angling gear
Casting need
Quaint dance
Fishing item
Cinema spool
Film section
Polka cousin
Rod's cousin
Roll of film
Theatre unit
___ Big Fish
Become dizzy
Kite adjunct
Move dizzily
Walk woozily
Walk dizzily
Angler's need
Angler's gear
Movie segment
Country dance
Go unsteadily
Angler's item
Angler's tool
Be haymakered
Movie section
Rod's adjunct
Strip of film
Fishing spool
Rod companion
Spool of film
Go for a spin
Cassette part
Rod's partner
Fishing device
Scottish dance
Highland dance
Spirited dance
Microfilm unit
React in shock
Projector unit
35mm film unit
A lively dance
Angler's spool
Appear stunned
Be vertiginous
Flanged spool.
Projector load
React to a hit
Show dizziness
Spool's cousin
Stagger around
Wind on a line
Partner of rod
Movie division
Fiddler's tune
Walk drunkenly
Virginia dance
Rod attachment
Walk unsteadily
Angler's device
Angler's gadget
Tackle box item
___ off, recite
Angling adjunct
Canister filler
Cannes can item
Cassette winder
Cousin of a jig
Frame of a kind
Hornpipe cousin
Move besottedly
Piscator's need
React to a slug
Rotatory device
Section of film
Tackle shop buy
React to a blow
Rod's associate
Walk like a sot
Director's unit
Rod's companion
Fisherman's need
Audiotape holder
Fisherman's tool
React with shock
Lively old dance
Turner of movies
Barn-dance dance
Fast Irish dance
Item for casting
Microfilm holder
Movie unit, once
Projector's load
Quantity of film
React to a shock
Walk as if drunk
Walk erratically
Walk in zig-zags
Cylinder of tape
Teeter or totter
Virginia's dance
Walk while dizzy
React to a punch
Angler's purchase
Fishing equipment
It holds the line
Lively folk dance
Angling equipment
Device for Walton
Fishing accessory
Barn dance number
Dance — stagger
Display dizziness
Film library unit
Film-can contents
Film storage unit
Fishing pole part
Rock after a sock
Stagger — dance
Virginia follower
Film geek's spool
Not walk straight
Spin-fishing need
Sportfishing need
Virginia, for one
Walk like a drunk
Movie-film holder
Tape measure part
Angler's accessory
Angler's equipment
Fisherman's device
Virginia specialty
Fisherman's gadget
Lively Irish dance
Betray drunkenness
Cassette component
Circular film unit
Fishing rod winder
Garden-hose holder
Highlanders' dance
Part of The Net
Projector's burden
Pull in a big bite
React to dizziness
Lively fiddle tune
Movie holder, once
Tape recorder part
Cannes can content
Cinema can content
Proceed besottedly
Roll of movie film
Fishing-line spool
Film vault holding
React to a one-two
Bit of fishing gear
___, Virginia . . .
Betray unsteadiness
Film-length measure
Fishing rod adjunct
Fishing rod partner
Kind of "Big Fish"?
Line-winding gadget
Recite (with "off")
Bit of angling gear
Cinema-can contents
Fishing line winder
Old-fashioned dance
Film projector need
Film winds up on it
Walk like a tosspot
React to a haymaker
Fishing-line holder
Show shock, in a way
Casting requirement?
Projection room item
Lively country dance
Angler's requirement
Angler's contraption
Cousin of a hornpipe
Dance with Virginia?
Film projector spool
Highland or Virginia
It winds up on lakes
Item in a Cannes can
Predigital film part
Projectionist's must
Projector attachment
Request to a fiddler
Stagger like a drunk
It can hold the line
React to an uppercut
Slot machine spinner
Projectionist's need
Projectionist's unit
Fisherman's equipment
Dance at a barn dance
Dance in a barn dance
Pre-digital film unit
Projection booth item
Stagger after a punch
Fishing rod accessory
Projection room spool
It will hold the line
Lively Scottish dance
Be knocked for a loop
Projectionist's spool
Sell Out" ___ Big Fish
Fiddler's dance number
Fishing need, at times
Kite flier's accessory
Line holder for a cast
Projector spool of old
React to being punched
Revolving-spool device
Spool for fishing line
A line winds out of it
Dance group ___ 2 Real
Holder of fishing line
Part of a film archive
Projection booth spool
Rod's fishing partner?
Fishing rod attachment
Bass Pro Shops purchase
Bit of film memorabilia
Fishing-pole attachment
List quickly, with "off
Pre-digital film holder
Proceed while plastered
React to getting a sock
React to getting socked
Relative of a hornpipe.
React to a punch, maybe
'03 J. Lo EP "The ___ Me
About 2,000 feet of film
Angler's favorite dance?
It might give you a line
One of two in a cassette
Set of blades on a mower
Ska punkers ___ Big Fish
Stumble around in a daze
It may wind up on a dock
Not walk a straight line
Part of an angler's gear
Film projectionist's unit
It might wind up on shore
React to a punch, perhaps
Readily recite, with "off
Thread spool, essentially
Wind-up fishing equipment
Recite quickly, with "off
Recite rapidly, with "off
Rod and __ (fishing gear)
Dance (with cotton on it?)
Movie projectionist's unit
Spool holding fishing line
Part of a fisherman's gear
Projection room item, once
It might wind up on a boat
'03 J. Lo album "The ___ Me
Sell Out" band ___ Big Fish
About 10 minutes of silents
Attachment on a fishing rod
Device used in winding yarn
Part of a Hollywood archive
React to terrible news, say
Rock from a sock or a shock
What you might wind up with
It might wind up on a dock?
It might wind up on a lake?
An angler winds up using it?
Bit of Hollywood memorabilia
Virginia ___ (country dance)
Betray drunkenness, in a way
Fishing line winds around it
A line winds in and out of it
Spool that holds fishing line
React to an uppercut, perhaps
Betray that you are inebriated
Film segment, once upon a time
Piece of fly-casting equipment
What a leader gets attached to
Blooper ___ (common DVD extra)
An early Disney cartoon had one
Rod and ___ (fishing equipment)
React to a shock like an angler?
Fail the sobriety test, in a way
Suffer the effects of a haymaker
Part of piscatorial paraphernalia
Virginia ___ (type of folk dance)
Dance that's done to "Drowsy Maggie
Virginia ___ (dance with two lines)
Collection of highlights or bloopers
___ in (pull in, like a caught fish)
Contents of a large, round, flat can
Spool that holds a roll of movie film
What Steely Dan will do to "the Years"?
Good spot for an editor to wind up a film
Move unsteadily (like a Scottish dancer?)
Rotating device attached to a fishing rod
Folk dance that often follows a strathspey
Highlight ___ (greatest hits for athletes)
The hero usually triumphs in the final one
Blooper ___ (collection of actors' mistakes)
Blooper ___ (collection of actors' slip-ups)
Film spool, back when that was still a thing
Medium for those old Driver's Ed safety films
Highlight ___ (compilation of the best clips from an event)
Dance that cost Rhett 150 gold pieces to dance with Scarlett
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