Ancient Greek author famous for his fables

1 Answer 5 letters
Aesop 5 letters
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Informal refusal
Prefix for fiction
Cowboy's suffix for buck
Canadian city named for Queen Victoria
Asset-freezing org. (CONTEST ALERT! My new all-skill, solve-at-home crossword contest benefiting the Alzheimer's Foundation of America is Sept. 30. First prize, $2,500. For details visit www.alzfdn.
Conform to masculine stereotypes by repressing one's feelings, which, as we all know, works out well for everyone
Iowa setting for the League of Sofa Manufacturers convention?
Darth Vader and his allies
A crossword editor has to be very careful when changing one--unlike this puzzle's editor, who was careless four times herein
Pianist known for her transcription of Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Lawyer, for short
Ancient Greek city
Talladega" singer who goes by his middle name, not first name (Kenneth): 2 wds.
Item deemed by a hi-tech company president in 1977 to be unreasonable for home use
Makes uniform
A Prairie Home Companion" director; "it" game; performer Marilyn; PC key; ear part; mama's boy; grown boy; "Notes On 'Camp'" essayist; blue shade
Pull with effort
Form of Cecilia
Jason Ritter sci-fi series that lasted for one season, with "The
Tee forerunner
Ancient Greek author famous for his fables
Ancient Hebrew measure
Ancient key
Raised platform
Life story, for short
Famous wizard's home
Phase of history.
Former gold coin
Foundation for many a dessert
Forceful in expression