Chairman whose figure overlooks Tiananmen Square

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Mao 3 letters
Similar Clues:
Oft-quoted Chairman
Organization whose 2008 endorsement John McCain did not reciprocate
Body part whose name is pronounced like a vowel
1929 Ethel Waters hit whose title is a question
Australian state whose capital is Sydney: Abbr.
One-sided figure formed with a twist
Actor whose middle name is Tiffany
Govt. org. whose logo depicts an eagle standing on a key
A square, à la Sinclair Lewis
Capitol Hill figure, for short
American Hustle" actress whose initials make her an "A-list" celebrity: 2 wds.
Animated TV character whose best friend is Boots
African country whose flag is nearly identical to Romania's singer Case whose "The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, The Harder I Fight, The More I Love You" comes out tomorrow
Action figure tie-in to a '70s TV detective?
Square dancer's neckwear
Class for someone whose native tongue isn't widely spoken in the U.S., for short
Almost any element whose name ends in -ium
Coulter whose jaw was wired shut in November, according to the New York Post
Square root of cuatro
Acct. figures
Square dancer's back
Five-time world champion figure skater Carol
Anchorman" dog whose name references Ted Knight's "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" character
Figure in some hymns
Courtroom figures
Adored figure
Old comics girl whose boyfriend was Wingey
American Idol" star whose fans are called "Claymates
A castle of Blackbeard overlooks its harbor