Free from blame

4 Answers 7 - 9 letters
Absolve 7 letters
Vindicate 9 letters
Guiltless 9 letters
Exonerate 9 letters
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Asset-freezing org. (CONTEST ALERT! My new all-skill, solve-at-home crossword contest benefiting the Alzheimer's Foundation of America is Sept. 30. First prize, $2,500. For details visit www.alzfdn.
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Actor Cary with the new memoir "As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of 'The Princess Bride'
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Free from blame
Brand name from the French for "oily chalk
Animated character who graduated from CalTech (Calcutta Technical Institute) and Springfield Heights Institute of Technology (SHIT)
Admit freely
Cartman who said some shit about me and fishsticks even though I never played like that lmao... I stay away from that area all together
Drag queen singer from John Waters' films
The Romans obtained a purple one from snails
Conditionally released from custody
Alcoholic drink made from a Polynesian shrub's roots
Boston college from which Jay Leno graduated
Actor Walker from Ill.
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Domain ruled from Constantinople
His last film was "Plan 9 from Outer Space
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Buy-one-get-one-free item?
Cut, as an ex-friend from a picture
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He slugged 755 homers from 1954 to 1976, started his career with the Milwaukee Braves, and ended it with the Milwaukee Brewers: 2 wds.
Runs away from danger
All-in-one breakfast foods popularized by a song from "Adventure Time" (having it instantly get stuck in your head will be your punishment for cheating and Googling it)
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