He made Long Island into Treasure Island

1 Answer 11 letters
Captainkidd 11 letters
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Asset-freezing org. (CONTEST ALERT! My new all-skill, solve-at-home crossword contest benefiting the Alzheimer's Foundation of America is Sept. 30. First prize, $2,500. For details visit www.alzfdn.
Prized heirloom
Fiddler on the Roof" setting that answers the question "Where else could Sabbath be so sweet?
Iowa setting for the League of Sofa Manufacturers convention?
A crossword editor has to be very careful when changing one--unlike this puzzle's editor, who was careless four times herein
Pen name of Charles Henry Smith
Pianist known for her transcription of Bach's "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring
Fleet head
Bone that Napoleon Dynamite's grandma broke after falling off her dune buggy
Actor Cary with the new memoir "As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of 'The Princess Bride'
Chewbacca's captain
Margaret Thatcher's middle name
ESP, they say
Initials on a bounced check
Northern diving seabird
The "me" in "nothing can stop me now," in a 1962 #1 hit
Jason Ritter sci-fi series that lasted for one season, with "The
Girls" actress who's the daughter of actress Lindsay Crouse: 2 wds.
Actress Fisher who voices Agnes in "Despicable Me
Indonesian island
Longtime Notre Dame coach Parseghian
Ancient Hebrew measure
You might draw them when answering questions
Havana's island
Southeast Asian peninsula
Health insurance giant
Long narrow hilltop
Low-pitched woodwind
English cathedral town