You might draw them when answering questions

1 Answer 7 letters
Bbbbbbb 7 letters
Similar Clues:
A crossword editor has to be very careful when changing one--unlike this puzzle's editor, who was careless four times herein
Actor Cary with the new memoir "As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales From the Making of 'The Princess Bride'
It may come after you
Sandler of “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”
You might draw them when answering questions
Irksome response to "You're avoiding the question
Would you like to see ___?" (waiter's question)
Not give in to a timepiece that swings at you?
First word across in the first-ever crossword (1913) and the first of a dozen appearances of the word in this puzzle's grid, written word search-style (left, right, down, and diagonally) ... Can you f
Airer of the debate programme "Any Questions?
Questions idiot describing kindergarten (4)
Draw back with alarm
What's your ___?" ("When is your flight supposed to land?"): Abbr.
Young rascal
'You wish!'
Mathematician's ordinal
A hungry banker might __
Casual drawing
Questions intensely
Lone Ranger's theme composer
A: You have 24 hours to arrange payment. T: (to himself) Looks like we'll be a __ (Paul McCartney & Wings)
Anathema, to Polonius
Stable youngsters
A dirty person may draw one
... ___. Need to move your belongings but can't afford to rent a van or a truck? Here's our inexpensive alternative: Birds!
About 57 degrees, mathematically
Fabergé jeweled them
Youngest Ivy League school