Reality show about folk-dancing homemakers (with "The")

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Reelhousewives 14 letters
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Skilled showoff
Channel that shows Congressional votes: Hyph.
Comedy show that once featured "Spy vs. Spy" cartoons
Creatively-censored 4/28/10 New York Post headline about the foul-mouthed Senate/Wall Street hearings
Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" predecessor Leno
Arguing (with)
Cartman who said some shit about me and fishsticks even though I never played like that lmao... I stay away from that area all together
Actor's talk show showing
Baby shower gift, sometimes
Reality show about folk-dancing homemakers (with "The")
Shower with praise
I'm strongly thinking about moving to Iowa, how will I secure a place to live?
Vehicle sung about in Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's "Downtown
About half of villagers
Aid Hal (anag) — flower with showy heads
Anchor who has no idea what he's talking about?
Leader of the Medicine Show, in 1970's rock
Actress in a noted shower scene
Parody — show with striptease?
About in legal matters
About-to-be husband's words
Critic's complaint about the new restaurant "Charley Horse"?
Afflicted (with)
About, date-wise
Animated kids' show to watch while having dinner rolls
Ambiguous headline about a California drug bust?
About 15 klicks northeast of Amsterdam
HBO talk show host often featured "eviscerating" something or other
Weird Al" Yankovic single about a nuclear holocaust during the holidays, which contains the line "...underneath the missile-toe