31 Answers 3 - 11 letters
Try 3 letters
Bbs 3 letters
Tee 3 letters
Rim 3 letters
Pic 3 letters
Pot 3 letters
Flu 3 letters
Big 3 letters
Dram 4 letters
Dose 4 letters
Stab 4 letters
Ammo 4 letters
Jump 4 letters
Beat 4 letters
Slap 4 letters
Sped 4 letters
Drink 5 letters
Guess 5 letters
Raced 5 letters
Fired 5 letters
Jello 5 letters
Kaput 5 letters
Photo 5 letters
Snort 5 letters
Filmed 6 letters
Nogood 6 letters
Ruined 6 letters
Sniped 6 letters
Pellets 7 letters
Attempt 7 letters
Inoculation 11 letters
Similar Clues:
Person who rouses game birds to be shot
Gunshot evidence
Action shots taken with a slow shutter speed
Curving golf shot
Actor Nick with an infamous mug shot
Lofty tennis shot
Long-shot candidate
Comic-book gunshot sound
A tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot," according to Charlie Chaplin
Not a club for big shots?
About to shotgun this tube of cookie dough and binge-watch 'Breaking Bad' backwards so it seems like Walt gets lame #____
Alternatives to passing shots, in tennis
Important pool shot?
Showy billiards shot
Actor Nick with a famously embarrassing mug shot
Gunshot recoil
Homemade single-shot pistol
Alternative to a passing shot
Voided tennis shot
BBs, buckshot, bombs, and bullets
Simple hoops shot
A shot in the arm, possibly
Fairway shot that goes in the hole?
Part of some tricky billiard shots
Sound of a gunshot
Actor Nick who was #1 on VH1's "40 Most Shocking Celebrity Mugshots
Like some camera shots
Three-point shot's trajectory