44 Answers 3 - 15 letters
Pen 3 letters
Ade 3 letters
Sire 4 letters
Roth 4 letters
Zola 4 letters
Lear 4 letters
Asch 4 letters
Gide 4 letters
Dana 4 letters
Plato 5 letters
Camus 5 letters
Yeats 5 letters
Stein 5 letters
Ohara 5 letters
Odets 5 letters
Spyri 5 letters
Writer 6 letters
Penner 6 letters
Scribe 6 letters
Penman 6 letters
Hhmunro 7 letters
Aamilne 7 letters
Spenser 7 letters
Thoreau 7 letters
Rostand 7 letters
Tseliot 7 letters
Sinclair 8 letters
Vonnegut 8 letters
Lawrence 8 letters
Christie 8 letters
Salinger 8 letters
Remarque 8 letters
Michener 8 letters
Stoddard 8 letters
Smollett 8 letters
Bretharte 9 letters
Dumaurier 9 letters
Corneille 9 letters
Wodehouse 9 letters
Hermanwouk 10 letters
Leotolstoy 10 letters
Johndospassos 13 letters
Edgarallanpoe 13 letters
Chapterandverse 15 letters
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